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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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Degree: 0°49′


I am the most powerful moon of the Year. I am a New Moon that has the power to transform you. I combine the energies of Beginning and Ending and set in motion the great forces that determine the evolution and expansion of your consciousness.

I am the Moon pushing you to be that into which you have been gradually transforming over a long period of time. I am the Principle of your transformation. I am the end and the beginning. Something is dying within you so that you can live more authentically. Centered and in touch with who you are.


I am the I AM of all your affirmations.


Right when the New Astrological Year begins. Now that a new cycle of seasons, is starting again!

I am the energy of Spring. I am the Tropical Beginning and the Beginning of a new trajectory.

Equinox and New Moon at 0° degree at the beginning of the entire Zodiac. At the degree of the beginning of the World.


Everything you wish upon me is aligned with your EVOLUTION as I bring the seed of manifestation to the exact same point that has determined your destiny. At that which you have chosen…before you have even incarnated!

I am a New Moon conjunct the North Node of your Draconic chart. My influence is an encouraging and supportive prod at your back. A boost from your Higher Self to take another step towards your Calling.


You feel it intuitively. You feel it in the Change that is about to come as Pluto prepares to enter Aquarius. I, the New Moon in Aries, am opening the gate for him.

I, the Equinox New Moon, dare to open the Gate wide and YOU, having my energy, that of the Principle of Principles, are energized by the shift that is coming, to rush forward!


What was will no longer be… And what will be, is YOU experiencing the world through different eyes… Internally.


For I am an opportunity given to you as your very soul looks at itself in the mirror.


Psychological transformations. You stare into the mirror of the unconscious and see the darkness. But you face it boldly. You have the courage, the fortitude and the will to make the leap!

You have the zest to spread the fire of your creation, and your passion is such, that it yields the momentum that rises the Phoenix from its ashes!

You will descend deep into your unconscious with me, and with Pluto I will lead you through Hades, but I will not keep you there. Instead I will show you the shadows and the monsters in order for you to fight them. To overcome them.


There is a way! There is a plan… from above.


I am the powerful force of your will. I am the call to overcome every obstacle so that you can be reborn in your new form, out of the cocoon.

Swiftly and nimbly the mind begins to comprehend. Fueled by my spark you are filled with ideas and intentions. Ideas are seeds and seeds sprout. Thoughts of renewal. Bold flashes!

Important meetings. You want movement, action! Enjoy the excitement and temper the rush. You’re already free.

Control your energy, don’t rush but also don’t remain stagnant.


You are in the Magic place outside of time.

After you have made your decision but also before you have made it yet!


Destiny is calling you. The universe itself speaks to your thirsty heart.

It’s time to live the stories that you haven’t lived yet. To live YOUR life as you have not lived it yet. To dare, as Venus joins in a kiss to the North Node to step out of your safety zone and seek new paths that lead to your VALUE.

To dare to be in fulfilling relationships. To dare to love you, to let go of those who don’t match your unique journey.


I am the New Moon in Aries. The Equinox. The turning of the seasons. A Karmic Seed that Uroboros sows in the center of the World as he chases his tail. And Neptune, in an incompatible conjunction with me, through the dream world of Fantasy comes into YOUR dream and lets you have a message in a wave.


” Surrender to that which excites you! What life are you dreaming of? Who or what is stopping you from living it?

No one and nothing, but YOU.


For YOU ARE the Creator of YOUR reality.


YOU create YOUR LIFE.”



I am the PRINCIPLE of the TRANSFORMATION, which at the time I occur, YOU will choose for Yourself!!!


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