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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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The New Moon in Leo takes place on August 16, 2023 at 23°17′ degree of the Leo Sign.

This is a New Moon that brings with it all the themes of the Venus – Sun conjunction that happened  three days before it. A New Moon that plants the seeds of renewal, new goals and new beginnings.

As it occurs in the sign of Leo, this New Moon is also a new cycle for how you self-define yourself, and what you like to do. It awakens within you questions of self-expression, of creativity, and at the same time it brings forth a passion, that flows from what you genuinely enjoy to do.

The Leo New Moon emphasises a renewed self-confidence as well. Confidence which comes as a result of all the revisions you have made in the last few days, as retrograde Venus has and continues to raise, issues and questions about your relationships and values.

Revisions regarding your worth. How much you are deserving and whom you value, in every role and on every level. Professional, erotic, relational, creative, emotional.

You are becoming well aware that something is changing within you. And you long for changes!

You long for them not necessarily because you are not good where you are, and with whom you are, but because YOU now realize that you have merit, potential to shine, and you are passionate about achieving what you deserve!

“You will have what you deserve, my dear Lion”, the New Moon says to you, and by the word Lion, of course, it does not refer to your Sign, but to the power and magnificence with which you ought to move.

Yes you will set goals. You will know in your heart you deserve THE BEST. You will further re-define existing relationships, partnerships, people, pursuits, tastes and appetites.

BUT you will accomplish all this, this New Moon TELLS, because you will be listening to YOUR HEART and drawing on YOUR STRENGTH.

What is rightfully yours will come, as long as you do not seek it with eagerness, arrogance, selfishness, or inflamed and burning with vanity.

This is a Moon that also closes out issues about independence and about whether you get what you deserve, which have culminated in early February 2023.

Now an important thing, in my opinion, is that the square that this New Moon makes to planet Uranus, is not indicative of breakups, sudden revelations in relationships and twists and turns where we least expect them.

My Astrological view cannot see the square separate from the fact that Venus is retrograde and has just conjoined the Sun, while we have the New Moon immediately afterwards.

So, for me this square is the changes that are taking place within you.

It is no permanent breakups, neither is it eruptions and unexpected surprises and changes – at least as long as the influence of this New Moon lasts, if not for longer. That is until the next Full Moon at the very least!

To me the square is the inner release you are already feeling or the need for liberation you are striving for, and which you will negotiate internally FIRST with yourself.

If a permanent separation, rupture, change is to come, it will come because YOU will decide it and after September the 16th!

So it will not be a sudden separation or any change, nor will it be immediate but a result of a process.

The same of course applies to separations and distancing in relationships that have already taken place over the previous period of the last few weeks.

They are not final yet and the landscape is not yet settled.

Uranus is shaking up our certainties, but as long as Venus remains retrograde (until September 3), and because when it turns direct, we will already be having Mercury retrograde and till September the 16th, nothing final and definitive regarding our relationships has already happened or is going to happen.

This New Moon in Leo is “Principle of Uncertainty”, and constant variability is what will apply in my Astrological view, rather than definitive separations.

So New Moon in Leo: Possible tensions YES, definitive breakups NO.


We should also take into account the following important astrological fact.

The New Moon and Venus may be in a very tight square to Uranus, but we also have Mars and Mercury from the Virgo Sign in a trine to Uranus.

This creates a planetary formation called the Middle Learning Triangle, between the New Moon and Venus – Mars and Mercury – and Uranus.

This formation speaks of careful and steady dealing with problems as they arise, of experimentation aimed at better adapting ourselves to situations, and of final solutions to problems and drastic and thoughtful decisions which are now being formed.

It is an opportunity through temporary crisis this Moon.

So don’t be afraid of Uranus falling on your head but instead set your goals, internally first, autonomously and freely. Listen to your heart, and believe in your power. Calculate and measure your next steps well and even dare to take the first one today!

From this very moment!


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