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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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A particularly positive New Moon takes place on March 2.

It is a New Moon that takes place in the sign of Pisces, and within very positive astrological circumstances that literally allows us to plant the seed seeds of our dreams in reality.

Every New Moon has the potential for manifesting and fulfilling our intentions.

The moment it occurs we listen to our heart (Moon) and feel aligned with what we truly desire (Sun). We realize what we want, for us, undistracted and unaffected by anything that is outside from our core.

So what better way to set our intentions then, from a New Moon occurring in the psychic, feeling, and always open to receive from the universal aerials, sign of the Pisces?


Set Your Intentions!

So dream on with this New Moon in Pisces. Envision how you would like your partnerships, relationships, career, and business pursuits to evolve.

Set your intentions, as long as they are in tune with the higher qualities of the Pisces zodiac sign. They should come from a position but also a view of spirituality, they should have empathy.

Let them be seeds of imagination. Let them be aspirations that are inspired by your dreams. The profound ones, the ones you dare not tell anyone but that keep you company in the night.

You need to be open with this New Moon. Remain intuitive and sensitive to the more subtle positive qualities around you.


Pay attention to the dreams that you will see.



The seed you can plant with this New Moon has great potential to give back double, triple or multiple times over.



Because Jupiter, the planet of joy, generosity, expansion, growth, and luck is in very close conjunction with the two Lights, so all of the above qualities are activated with this New Moon. It is a Moon that will make us feel more light-hearted, fill us with optimism and boost our psychology.

At the same time, the planet Uranus forms a beautiful sextile aspect to the Sun and Moon, and brings opportunities for renewal. It makes us look for solutions, fills us with positive excitement and increases our willingness to change.

Anything we desire to be born with the New Moon is liberating, and has awakened within us because we have listened to our personal truth. This aspect to Uranus may also brings pleasant surprises, and depending on the house in which the New Moon occurs in your personal horoscope, something positive something unexpected will arise in the areas that house is concerned with.

For those of you lucky and fortunate enough to receive the New Moon in positive aspects to a personal planet or angles in your horoscope, the favor will be more important and more lasting.

Venus, Mars and Pluto are also in a triple conjunction together in Capricorn and form a trine aspect to the North Node, while Mercury is conjunct Saturn in the sign of Aquarius.

These are days when you could connect with people and be presented with circumstances that are helping you. Destiny is winking at you and all it asks is that you are conscious of your thoughts and see the big picture in front of you. Keep away from negative thoughts and news.

It tells you to have determination, commitment and dedication to your goals and aspirations and in return it is ready to offer you the right opportunities.

Opportunities and possibilities in personal relationships too, and depending on how it falls in your personal horoscope, this New Moon can renew passion and romance between you and your partner, be the spark for serious relationships that will have longevity, and for some of you bring about karmic connections or the positive closure of karmic cycles that have started in the past.


The New Moon will be particularly positive for Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn persons, having personal planets or angles at the degrees 10°-14° of the above Zodiac Signs.

It may bring important encounters and connections to Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn persons with the same placements at 25°-28° degrees.

And of course it is a POSITIVE NEW MOON for all of you who belong to the OTHER ZODIAC SIGNS, as long as you take the time to tune in mentally to the positive energetic framework created by the above aspects, and take advantage of it.

It is one of those times when the universe conspires…


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