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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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After the difficult full moon in Leo that troubled relationships and brought on temporary, or in many cases permanent separations, a Pisces New Moon now comes to either revive relations or to bring closure to the past two weeks.

Each New Moon in Pisces is a call from the seas of infinity. It is an energetic dynamo that replenishes in us all with the noble qualities of the last Sign of the Zodiac.

It is the realization of the Universal within us.

Through the human experience – as expressed by the Zodiac, we come via Pisces to the total fusion of all previous experiences and their transmutation into distilled essence.

It is here where spirit and soul, having completed their journey through the eleven preceding Zodiac signs, now meet for the last time bringing emotional realizations full of sensitivity.

Realizations that transcend defined concepts such as the self, the ego, the everyday, the human, and instead create within us a sense of wonder for the abstract, the Supreme, for what is beyond and above of us, for what ultimately makes us humans, capable of transcending ourselves and exceeding our own existence, when filled with meaning, love, compassion.

It is a sense of Oneness and Wholeness with everyone and everything. A Mystical merging in a Universal Unfolding.

It is a call to UNION.

So what is it that the universal energy of this New Moon brings?

Sun and Moon meet at 01°22′ degrees Pisces and the need for ultimate union is manifested. It’s the POTENTIAL to achieve the Piscean dream, whether it’s about relationships with others, or the spirituality we feel is calling us, or the realization of how powerful our dreams and imagination can be that they can change our reality.

THE POTENTIAL!  No one guarantees the accomplishment. It is only you reading these lines that can make it happen…

The New Moon in Pisces is the seed. A seed that is “watered” by the sextile of Venus to Pluto, an aspect that speaks to the very power of love to transform your being. A spark that gives the promise that you can overcome any possible obstacle, as long as you are true to you.

At anaeretic degrees both Venus and Pluto ask you to fully express the positive qualities that each planet expresses in the sign they are in, so that you may unfold the potential of the aspect.

Venus at 29° Pisces asks for complete and selfless love, free of illusions but true to her dream of union.

Pluto at 29° Capricorn asks for full psychological catharsis and responsibility in the handling of power, liberated from manipulative patterns or superiority complexes but focused on succeeding.


The New Moon is opening up possibilities a mere two degrees ahead of the Venus/Pluto midpoint and asks you to have Faith in your Dream.

Either you do or you don’t. The cycles are coming full circle.


You are in the passage of the Gateway of 02/20 = 22, (the Twentieth of February that is), a Gateway that has to do with relationship dilemmas, and transcendental connections.

The degree that the New Moon occurs is 01° 22′. Again, 22 but also the unit, number 1, that is, the possibility.

In a quintile aspect to Uranus, the New Moon again speaks of the POTENTIAL for renewing romance and dreams, after past upheavals and with new solid foundations.

Beware however, the aspect does not manifest in the physical plane but only through your own conscious choice to manifest it and use its energy.

Mercury in Aquarius is simultaneously square to the Nodes, trine to Mars, sextile to Jupiter, sextile to Chiron, semi-sextile to Venus, and square to Uranus.

The solution to how to solve the mental puzzles that the past period has brought to your relationships, bringing permanent or temporary separations and detachment, or whether you want to be alone, comes from the fact that all aspects to Mercury end up in its being disposited by Uranus, which is disposited by Venus, which is in her Exaltation Sign!

Venus has the final saying and decides whether to close the cycles for good or start them anew, and Neptune rules her as it rules the New Moon.

Will you stay in the fog, the fears, the inertia? Will you act on the dilemmas of the Mind, will you act to heal the wound or will you act to avoid getting hurt again?

This New Moon gives you the opportunity to open your heart and feel the rich flow of emotions you are capable of feeling.  It brings creative opportunities, loving connections, and the possibility of compassion and forgiveness.

The grid of relationships around this Moon is a challenge to your free will.

Will you accept it? Will you say “Yes” to whatever brings you spiritual and emotional fulfillment and feel ready to embrace the universe whole with an open heart?

Or will you come full circle and let go into a new flow and a new vision that inspires and fills you equally?

The decision is yours.


Wishing a wonderful New Moon to each and every one of you!

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