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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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The New Moon in Scorpio hides changeable feelings, emotional climax and unexpected developments.

The New Moon takes place at 20° 43′ of the Zodiac and like every New Moon brings new events and opens a new chapter in our lives.

What is important to understand with this moon is that it is planting the seeds for the future, it is planting the seeds to end situations that have tired us, confused us, and thrown us down emotionally.

In the previous period, Venus in Virgo, Mars in Scorpio and Mercury in Scorpio also, formed a landscape which was quite difficult. Without proper management of emotions, with emotional tension or charging, and with fights.

The inability of Venus to find the dream as she is lost in the practicality of Virgo, the passion, the psychological, internal, suffocating pressure that Mars has on Scorpio, and most importantly the two very difficult eclipses that preceded , all have formed explosive situations for our relationships.

Some relationships are over, some relationships are balancing on a tightrope, and inside us everything is bubbling.

And now comes this New Moon so we can move to the next chapter. Deep sentimentality and insights at the same time. The conscious self tries to understand and dives into the recesses of the soul. Intuition, on the other hand, tries to call out to us, and help us find a way through Scorpio’s existential search. To figure out what it is that we want, what it is that we desire.

This New Moon will bring deep insights that come from within our Soul.

Scorpio through complexity wants to find the ultimate Connection, the ultimate Union of I and You within a relationship. This New Moon wants to transform and make relationships strong again

Opposite to the Sun and Moon, Uranus from Taurus influences in a dual way.

On the one hand, it disturbs any sense of security. It shakes us and jolts us. It’s time for big decisions. All this creates great psychological tension. All of this creates volatility in sentiment. All this makes us want changes immediately which we feel weak in putting them into practice. We need to see things in their simplicity. We need to get away from anything negative that the Scorpio Sign symbolizes. Manipulation, jealousy, passive-aggressive behavior.

On the other hand, this New Moon calls us to change how we define our security. She wants to change the form of relationships as we had them until now. Only through a new form, relationships that have suffered, or that have reached the extremes, can have life.

It’s All or Nothing!

Rulers of the New Moon are Mars and Pluto. Mars in conjunction to the Sun and Moon, in close conjunction to Mercury and in a trine to Neptune.

Uranus which is the agitator and wants to bring change is in Taurus. Ruler of Uranus is Venus in Libra that makes a beautiful sextile to Mercury.

What does all these aspect mean? They mean that Mars is in his own Sign, and Venus in her own Sign,  and they are both rulers of the Moon Nodes.

Both the male and the female have a dominant role and they are both the ones who will determine the developments.

Mars must dare, must act, show passion, away from stratagems. It needs to operate with passion and extreme insight. To be focused on the common good and the ultimate Union. Away from Ego and manipulative attitudes.

Venus must understand where the balance is, where the justice is, and to act in the relationship through a spirit of cooperation.

We are two, we are not one.

Uranus will do as Venus tells him. If  Venus seeks peace, rather than continuing the war, Uranus will bring balance back into the relationship. It will bring tranquillity and beauty again.

If we want to be two, any traits stemming from Libra vanity or any passive-aggressive stance, the silly fights for things that aren’t worth arguing about, must stop. If not then Uranus will bring down the Tower, the lightning will strike, and the lovers will be thrown to the ground.

The good thing about this New Moon is that Mars is making a magic trine to Neptune. An aspect that makes us believe in the miracle again. To pursue our dream with passion and to act from a position of power, but also with a great disposition for forgiveness and understanding.

Neptune is in a trine to the Sun and the Moon as well, something which comes as a counterbalance to the shock that Uranus wants to cause. An awakening, a shock that is only meant to shake us before it’s too late.

Neptune, as a counterweight to this shock, wakes up the dream in us, stirs to life in us again a mingling of selfless love, and romance. It gives us faith again for a common dream.

I characterize this New Moon as an amazing New Moon that aims through the collapse of everything bad to rebuild romance.

We will see with this New Moon couples disagreeing or arguing because the issues and situations are not yet fully resolved through, but so that they can live their dream.

The Tower will not fall as long as we believe in the common dream.

First comes love. The dream and the inspiration also come first. The relationship comes first.

This is the foundation on which the Union is built. A Union which, through the deep psychology of the relationship and through the transformation sometimes of the one person, sometimes of the other, can become even stronger and even closer.

Let’s be careful not to tear down the beautiful things we have built up to this day.

This New Moon has many good aspects.

Neptune trine Moon. Neptune trine Sun. Neptune trine Mars. Mars conjunct Sun. Mars conjunct Moon. Uranus sextile Neptune, and Neptune sextile Pluto.

It also has Uranus opposing to the Sun and Moon which is double-edged sword aspect. It can either act as a wake-up, or to completely tear down the tower structure.

Mercury is important in two ways. The way of communication is the key…

From the Sign of Sagittarius we should be careful with our words, exaggerations, our manner.

The sextile Mercury makes to Venus in Libra are the words of understanding that can be spoken and heal from the trauma of the Eclipses.

The square that Mercury makes with Saturn from Pisces is bad communication and harsh words which can bring the end…

This New Moon is a crossroads that calls us all to act with mental strength and with respect for the relationship, above our personal EGO.

It calls us to have faith in the dream, and thus to finally be able to transform all the previous bad experiences brought by the eclipses… into a meaningful new beginning!

The choice is yours.

The Universe has brought you at a Crossroad.


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