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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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New Moon in Taurus at 28°25′ of the Sign is a moon of incredible potential!

It has the energy of a new beginning, like any new moon. It takes place in a backdrop of aspects, both positive and challenging, but which work to push us towards achieving something better.

It is ideal for setting goals related to your finances, entrepreneurship, and anything related to your income. It favors new endeavors, and can spawn ideas, as Mercury in Taurus’ sign turned direct again, a few days earlier, and favors meetings and discussions relating to these matters.

The New Moon in Taurus is also an ideal moon for listening to your body and senses. Ground yourself and get in touch with nature.

Feel the peace. Feel the calmness in the rustling of the leaves and let yourself go into simplicity for a while. Ritualistically this is a magical moon for setting long-term intentions that can evolve slowly, steadily and in alignment with your deepest values.

Mars from Cancer is in a supportive sextile aspect to the New Moon and intuitively you feel that this is indeed the right time to move forward. Care and practicality combine and offer opportunities for you to stabilize emotional issues. You feel that you have the drive, appetite and heart to nurture relationships and lay the groundwork for your desires.

Jupiter has just entered the sign of Taurus, and while in the long term it favors stable and secure growth, in the chart of this New Moon Jupiter is square to Mars.

It’s precisely over-enthusiasm that you should watch out for. Everything will happen… but Taurus is a sign that goes slow. This Moon asks you to make the plan, take the first step and be persistent, but also to steer clear of stubbornness and haste. Your ambitions and wants are bound to meet obstacles and persisting stubbornly can only bring fatigue.

Two days after the New Moon, a T-square between Mars, which has just entered Leo, Jupiter in Taurus, and Pluto in Aquarius is your test.

This formation gives tremendous impetus to whatever you want to accomplish but also introduces resistance that will have to be overcome over time. It will be ideal if you use its energy as a force of inner belief and faith in your ambitions and the end result, BUT it will have the complete opposite effect if you externalize, stubbornness, impatience or even a willingness to push and manipulate to get what you want faster.

This dynamism can bring intense pressure as our ambitions will be challenged by the situations around you!
Some of the questions this Taurus New Moon will raise are:

  • How can you maintain inner peace through a period of change and destabilization?
  • How can you build and strengthen your material resources while the landscape itself is changing?
  • How can you tap into your emotional resilience and remain focused with willpower toward your goals as you will encounter obstacles around?

Just slow and steady is the wise choice for the next two weeks.

The separating trine of Mars and Neptune has already given you inspiration and vision. The sextiles that the Sun and Moon also make with Neptune in Pisces make you feel fulfilled by the very contact with nature, the satisfaction of the senses, the little pleasures.

Joy is found in simplicity and tranquility. Your first concern should be to have peace and quiet. Maintain your calm, which is as non-negotiable as is your value.

You are the vessel. You are the Amphora of energies that this moon casts with its aspects. Choose what vessel and receptor of energies you wish to be and what energies you will preserve inside your body and your soul.

This New Moon can renew your material resources and your emotional sense of worth, and can fill you, if you are properly receptive and receptive, with patience, perseverance, sensitivity and a necessary understanding of handling situations, so that you can have more effective communication and take advantage of opportunities.

It can help you find the material and emotional security you seek within yourself, and consequently, find it in your relationships and partnerships as well.

Remember… just go slow and steady.


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