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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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A truly magnificent New Moon takes place on September the 15th in the Sign of Virgo. It is a New Moon that brings the seeds of renewal and is particularly favourable for planning new endeavours and new initiatives.

At 21°58′ in the Virgo Sign, this Moon is a new cycle, spreading through space and time. It is a circular wave like that caused by a stone when it falls on the surface of a lake. A circle, spreading from the center outward, growing ever larger in circumference, ever expanding, until finally it spreads so wide that it is indistinguishable from the rest of the water, and disappears into the whole.

It is an expansion this New Moon. A call to open up as much as you can the extent of your perception. To receive a mental stimulation at the center of your being. To let it resonate within you.

Constantly expanding… through the process of analysis, organization of thought, expression of judgment and critical thinking which the Virgo Sign has, to let this stimulus wave spread…

… spread enough that it leaves the mental level and reaches the emotional abstraction of the Pisces Sign on the opposite side.

Where the qualities are more psychic and abstract…

It is meditation and contemplation this New Moon. It is a new thinking. A new idea. A new conception. A new stimulus.


In the trine that Uranus makes with it, from Taurus, this moon is a renewal of feeling and being.

You’re going to grasp something. You will realize something. Somehow you will organize it. Somehow you will think about it and put it into action.

Have faith because this New Moon holds secrets and will work positively in the area of your horoscope in which it occurs.

It bears a seed of judgment, discernment, analysis and critical thinking.

It brings change in the way you are, the way you act, the way you feel. It brings renewal in how you give and receive intimacy. It favors moves, home changes, home purchases and contract signings.


The New Moon in Virgo has secrets yes… as the invisible Moon in the night skies is weaving around her a beautiful shawl of synchronicities.

  • Synchronicity 1: The New Moon occurs on the exact same degree that Mercury retrograded on August the 23rd.
  • Synchronicity 2: Jupiter as the New Moon occurs, is within just 2 minutes of a degree, on the exact same position it was in when Mercury retrograded!
  •  Synchronicity 3: Mercury now stands almost on the degree where the previous Full Moon in Pisces took place.
  • Synchronicity 4: Mercury is again in direct motion approximately 12 hours after this New Moon.

Since this New Moon is ruled by Mercury, all of the above mean that for matters that began to concern you on August the 23rd, with this New Moon, an idea, a conception, a thought, an acquaintance, now is coming forth that works like a DEUS EX MACHINA!

Things are suddenly clear! After a non-stop and tedious process of analysis, suddenly your perception on what has been bothering you is cleared.

You now see how situations, aspirations, ideas, thoughts can be organized in a better way. You realize that you can prepare and you can also start whatever ventures you have in mind.

This is the perfect time to set your intentions!  The seed you plant by meditating with this New Moon will have deep roots, and will grow as it is based on the good work you have done in the past.

  • Synchronicity 5: As this New Moon brings you realizations, Mars and Venus begin to approach in a sextile aspect. An aspect that will never be exact but will nonetheless bring the two love planets close to within half a degree of each other.

The last time Mars and Venus made an exact aspect to each other was on March 11, 2023, a full six months ago!

This means that tentatively, albeit shyly, or introspectively, or even with a bit of grumbling, the problems in proximity and romantic matters, which peaked in the summer with Venus’ retrograde, then with Mercury’s retrograde, and then with the last difficult Full Moon, are now finally starting to resolve.


This New Moon is ideal, NOT for having extensive and detailed discussions with your significant other about your relationship issues, but it is BEST for planting a seed in his or her mind, a thought, an idea, about something you really want, and leave it there…

The seed, believe me, will pick up! As long as your intention is clear and serves both you and your partner.

So, enjoy this New Moon, which is beneficial, refreshing, which opens your perception, and which works like a surprise that comes suddenly, bringing solutions to issues and situations that have been bothering you for a long time.

Wear it like a shawl around you and… (this is a secret between you and me), don’t worry about its opposition to Neptune because this opposition is part of an astrological formation called a kite, which can only be positive!


I wish you a beautiful and refreshing New Moon!


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