ARIES NEW MOON – 16 APRIL 2018: At the center of unfolding events.

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New Moon Aries April 2018

The New Moon takes place in 26°and 02’ of the Sign of Aries. It strongly affects Aries and Libra Signs and also Capricorn and Cancer Signs which are born towards the end of the third decan, as well as those having personal planets or their Ascendant near the 24° -28° degrees of the Cardinal Cross.


The New Moon of April takes place on Sunday night.

Each New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle and when it is a New Moon that takes place in the impulsive, active, dynamic and fully energetic Aries Sign, it is more than just a beginning. It works more like a spontaneous realization that is born within and is pushing us to act, directly and dynamically.

This particular New Moon in Aries, has this character of a sudden awareness, for one more reason, since the Sun and the Moon are conjunct with the planet Uranus.

This New Moon is an awakening.

It is an impulse that pushes us into action.

Unpredictable and unconventional but reinvigorating at the same time.

It marks during the next two weeks, a period where our deep needs for change come to the fore and motivate us.

Possible manifestations of this New Moon in Aries in aspect with the planet Uranus are:

  • Issues related to our ego and our independence are now urgent.
  • We want to be freed from people or situations that hold us back.
  • We feel that the time has come to lay the base for more psychological independence and we are ready to defend our choices.
  • We express our emotional needs without having any further thoughts about how others will get it.
  • We are loaded with nerve and excitement for the imminent renewal.
  • We want the new to come, filled with impatience and without the slightest intention to compromise.
  • We rejuvenate relationships and express our love in a provocative way.

On the chart of this New Moon in Aries, we see that the Sun and the Moon are in a square aspect to planet Pluto.

The rush with which we want to act is pressing us all the more. We are deeply in need of breaking into the new, and in our hurry to do it quickly we become self-compulsive.

But really we do not need to feel pressed at all, or to force others, because Pluto – in addition to the square aspect with the two Lights – is also on a sextile aspect to Jupiter which means that the seed of this New Moon, contains in its core, the very potential for the desired empowerment and transformation.

New Moon Aries April 2018

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is the dispositor of the Moon and the Sun, and from within the Sign of Capricorn dictates that we must kick-start our goals in a practical and organized manner.

Mars is also making a sextile aspect to both Neptune and Jupiter, and thus sets the foundation for our actions to be inspired and moral and eventually creative and beneficial. In the latter additional helps comes from the trine aspect that the red planet is making to Venus.

There is not one square or opposition aspect that prevents Mars, this New Moon’s ruler, from starting the action.

But is everything so easy, really?

Not exactly, because the New Moon in Aries hides a trap that needs attention.

Mercury is stationary at the time of the New Moon and ready to turn direct. This, on one hand is positive, because our thoughts will clear and we will claim our renewal after the insightful retrospect.

On the other hand, Mercury approaches Saturn, which on April 17th,  within less than two days after New Moon, turns retrograde on the 9th degree of the Sign of Capricorn.

This means that in anything this New Moon pushes us to change, in whatever we aim to claim for ourselves, for any initiatives and decisions we take, we have to be very careful.

At a personal level, it is very likely that the New Moon’s initial bust will be gradually tempered as the days go by, and in the end our thoughts will become conservative which may result in us not taking the necessary initiatives.

At the relationships level, we have to be very careful, how we communicate our image and what we want, since misunderstandings, communication difficulties and delays in what we have planned will tend to appear more frequently, as Mercury and Saturn are approaching each other and as we are heading towards the Full Moon on April the 30th.

However, this New Moon in Aries, and depending on the way it aligns to the personal horoscope of each one of us, is important.

It is a New Moon that, despite its unconventional nature and its pressing for immediate change, and regardless of how direct or not our response will be, it does place us actively at the center of unfolding events.

Events that begin with us, and for us.



Find out where the New Moon falls in your chart and embrace its promise for renewal.


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