CAPRICORN NEW MOON – 17 JANUARY 2018: Prepare for climbing

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Capricorn New Moon

The New Moon takes place in 26°and 57’of the Sign of Capricorn. It affects the Cardinal Signs (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra) that are born towards the end of the third decan or those having personal planets or their Ascendant near the 25° -29° degrees of these Signs.


Each New Moon is a beginning, and the New Moon that takes place in Capricorn is the first for 2018.

It is a New Moon that marks in the most indicative way the beginning of a period in which emphasis will be placed exactly on what this earthly and cardinal Sign symbolizes.

Patience, Work, Achievements, Success, Status.

Whenever the New Moon takes place in the Sign of Capricorn, this is the best time to think about what we want to achieve. It invites us to set goals, to put things down in order and to begin actions and work.

This New Moon in particular is the energy of the Capricorn Sign amplified to its maximum. This happens because it occurs in one of the rare astrological cases where, besides the Sun and Moon, four more planets are also in Capricorn, participating in two sets of conjunct aspects.

Saturn and Mercury form the first conjunction on one side, Pluto is in between, and the triplet of Sun, Moon and Venus are together in another conjunction that takes place within the last degrees of the Sign.

All this gathering of planets in the sign of Capricorn, along with the fact that the ruler of the New Moon is Saturn that has returned to his Sign after 29 years, reinforces the materialistic and practical element of this lunation.

It is a New Moon that can be particularly conducive to us making serious beginnings, committing to resolutions and to implementing our professional and business plans, all favored within the next two weeks.

Capricorn New Moon

This New Moon is conjunct planet Venus in an aspect that favors socializing and partnerships. Especially favored are projects related to aesthetics, style and elegance. It is also an aspect that makes us value success, respect and money and working to achieve them.

There are also the positive sextile aspects that the Lights are making with Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio, because on the one hand they help our psychological drive by uncovering clearly our goals within us, while on the other hand they make us decisive in how we are going to realize them.

Mercury in conjunction with Saturn gives mature and strategic thinking, as long as our mind deals with organizational challenges and planning, but on the other hand it is an aspect that needs attention, because if we have not clarified our goals it can cause hesitation or even anxiety that will arise as a result of feeling inadequate due to a lack of pursuits.

We also need to pay particular attention to the square aspects that Uranus makes with the Sun, Moon and Venus. These are the most difficult aspects of the chart. Everything we want to achieve will take time, perseverance and patience but Uranus wants it now.

The New Moon period is the right time for our plans, but at the same time we feel the need these plans to go ahead and to move quickly. Impatience, a tendency to react spasmodically, or to act impulsively and without the necessary preparation may appear. If this is the case then we should restrict ourselves because otherwise our ventures will turn out completely the opposite from what we expected.

This is a New Moon that is indeed perfect to set the basis on which we will move forward, but in order to do this, we first:

  • must be aware of our responsibilities,
  • have to understand our limitations, so as
  • to set pragmatic goals, and then
  • to act with responsibility, schedule, patience and perseverance.


I wish to all of you a pleasant New Moon that will be the ideal start for your personal pursuits.

Find out where the New Moon falls in your chart

and embrace its promise for renewal.


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