FULL MOON IN GEMINI – 3 DECEMBER 2017: Uncertain feelings

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Full Moon in Gemini takes place on December 3rd as the Moon, from within the Sign of Gemini, will shine bright in the night sky.  This Full Moon is intense and really difficult in regards to our emotions and relations.

When the moon is in the Sign of Gemini it makes us want to communicate how we feel.  This is all the more the case with this Full Moon, since it takes place after the New Moon in Scorpio a few days earlier. Then, have brought our urges to the surface, we have comprehended our feelings and our needs, and we have realized their power and dynamism.

Now we want to share them.

Opposite the Moon, the Sun in Sagittarius, seeks the truth and the distilled essence of all things. It makes us want to express our truth. We know what we need or we think that we know, but whichever the case we have a great need to express it.

“I feel… I understand… I communicate… 

You understand me… We both become wiser.”

How easy does this sound!

However, it will be something very difficult in the case of this Full Moon that takes place within a grid of intense, hard aspects and planetary energies.

Neptune, at the time of the Full Moon, is both square to the Moon and the Sun, with the aspect being almost accurate and therefore experienced more intensely. It will be wise under this aspect that we should first make sure what we are feeling and what we are seeking to communicate to the other persons, either in family, towards loved ones or professionally.

I wrote a little further above: “We know what we need or we think that we know“.

This “we think” describes exactly the problem, because the aspects Neptune makes contribute to us having emotional illusions, idealized preconceptions, to feel guilt for our very feelings or to project all these negatives on to our partners and become completely disillusioned by them.

Gemini Full Moon 2017 chart

The square aspect of Neptune with the Sun may also bring fatigue and weakness to both moral and body and the Full Moon by its nature brings intense emotional charging.

As if this was not enough, our need to communicate is made even more difficult, by the fact that Moon in Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who has turned retrograde a few hours prior the Fool Moon. Not only retrograde but conjunct morose Saturn can really turn thoughts to introspection and gloominess.

So we may feel the inner tension to express how we feel and why. We may have the need to share our personal truth. But within the above landscape it seems useless and it is almost certain that by doing so, will only result in misinterpretation and misunderstandings.

It is thus important to remain patient.  We better be cautious and avoid verbal conflicts and tensions, since the scenery is even more electrified by the Mars-Uranus opposition that culminates two days before the Full Moon and still remains active for a few days afterwards. This is a very dangerous aspect that may ignite disputes out of the blue.

What we need to do:

  • Every effort of communication is useful to be attempted with the detachment that Gemini has, being an air Sign.
  • Emotions we want to express or judgements that we make, we should better first examine how realistic they may be.
  • We should try to see the other side with the wisdom of Sagittarius.
  • Yes we should express our wants and needs, but we are called upon to do this without emotional involvement, objectively and by avoiding preconceptions and doctrines.

This is the difficult balance that this Full Moon is calling us to find for the next weeks, as it affects us all depending on where it fells on our personal chart.


Find out where the Full Moon falls in your chart

and heed its message.


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