FULL MOON IN CANCER 17 – 18 JANUARY 2022: Facing the Shadow

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Every Full Moon brings situations to a head and brings out the emotional charge that affects the situation.

The influence of this particular Full Moon is most pronounced for the Signs of the Cardinal Cross, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, who are born in the 3rd decan, and more specifically for those of you born between January 16-20, April 16-20, July 18-22, and October 19-23. Also, for those of you who have personal planets or horoscope angles at degrees 25°- 29° of the above Signs.



From Astrologer Andrew Ifandis

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Tonight we will have the opportunity to see a bright moon, a Full Moon in Cancer, with its light falling in noir hues, casting shadows and creating contrasts between light and darkness.

It is symbolically fitting to compare this moon to a black and white noir film, because Pluto is the planet that makes the key aspects as it is conjunct the Sun and at the same time in opposition to the Moon.

A descent into the Underworld and a conversation with Hades it is, as we have been feeling the emotional charge for a few days now and are already facing our Shadow…

The Moon in Cancer is looking for tenderness and affection in her relationships. She wants to offer, nurture, and share anxieties, emotion, concerns and express her need for hugs and care. A provider and receiver of emotional care at the same time, she fills us with a willingness to give but also makes us feel vulnerable at the same time as giving means losing a part of yourself.

Opposite her, the Sun in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto. In a sign polar to the Moon, she is filled with a sense of purpose, seeks achievement and indifferent to sentimentality and sensitivities aims for practical issues and solutions.

Empowered by Pluto, the Sun coats his pursuits with determination and drive at best, or conversely with raw zeal and a desire to prevail at worst. Before his will, he does not account for any sensitivity and acts in an interest-based and benefit-driven manner.

Pressed is the Moon, that is, our emotions, from this polarity, and we feel like Persephone, forced by fate to live with Hades and experience the dark side of others or of ourselves.

Our relationships become mirrors. Not distorting mirrors but mirrors in the Abyss of the Soul where no one dives, and the mirrors show us the dark sides, our own and of others’.

eflect a little… in the end it doesn’t matter whether the shadow is ours or the other person’s, since every relationship is an organism with its own life, and what one feels is a result of what the other emits.

Nevertheless, we must take a good look in the mirror and see our own form and our own Shadow. There in the darkness probably lies the key to coming back to the surface easily.

Yes that’s kind of how it is and this Full Moon brings tensions in relationships. It creates feelings of insecurity. It brings up issues of power. It creates fears and addictive behaviors.

In its good scenario and depending on how aware one is, it is a good opportunity for introspection. To walk the dark alleys of the Soul, to explore and understand passions, complexes, automatic behaviours, what oppresses us and why we oppress.

An opportunity to unearth all the buried secrets and come into reconciliation with the undercurrents of the soul. For these undercurrents on the one hand create the turmoil on the surface, but on the other hand, if known and harnessed, they are one’s own Power and one’s Psychic reserves.

So instead of giving into obsessions, entrenched attitudes, jealousies, power games, and attempts to avoid or even justify selfish behaviors, let us face our Shadow and renew our way of thinking.

This is the key we will find in our wanderings. A new way of thinking and perceiving that can transform and change us and our relationships for the better.

And astrologically this key is found in the planet Uranus.

It is stationary and ready to go direct, strongly throwing its energy of change and renewal into our way of thinking.

Uranus at the end of its own revision path, by going direct, gives us the opportunity to apply what we have learned about what is truly liberating and what is our healthy self-expression.

As during this Full Moon Uranus is square to Mercury – which is already retrograde and has begun its own mental introspection, it pushes us to initially come into conflict with ourselves, but to be able to see things differently in the end.

“If you change the way you see things, the things you see change,” Dr. Wayne Dyer has said, in his book The Power of Intention, a book that has helped many people change their perspective, and gradually their lives.

So, let’s let ourselves first experience the Shadows that will affect our relationships, which is inevitable with this Full Moon in Cancer, and after the emotional charge is over let’s then see things clearly and with a new eye.

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