FULL MOON IN CANCER – 2 JANUARY 2018: Tender is the night

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Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon takes place in the 11th degree of the Sign of Cancer. It affects the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) that are born near the end of the 1st decan or near the start of the 2nd decan or those having personal planets or their Ascendant near the degrees 9°- 13° of these Signs.


Full Moon in Cancer is a motherly soft moon that will shine brightly on the night of January the 1st and towards the early morning hours of January the 2nd.

The Moon from her home Sign of Cancer will be exactly opposite the Sun in Capricorn making this the first Full Moon for 2018.

This is a Full Moon and as usual our feelings will be intense, lit up by the Sun in Capricorn, but still, they will be gentle and kind.

The Moon in Cancer brings out our sweetest emotions. Care, tenderness, the need to nourish our loved ones, deep intuition, memories reaching from the past, are some of the possible manifestations of its lunar energy.

A Full Moon that takes places in the Sign of Cancer asks us to find a balance. On one side we may need to be accomplished and respected while on the other our emotional voice whispers softly of our need to feel safe and loved.

This particular Full Moon intensifies this tension even more, since Venus conjunct the Sun is also opposing the Moon. This means that we want to have a respectful social life, with success and money (Sun conjunct Venus in Capricorn), but deep down, our root need, is to share affection and to really care for someone.

This Full Moon is posing to us a dilemma very similar to the one that the hero in the “Great Gatsby”, the masterpiece novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald, was having.

Success and money were great, but they were nothing more than the means to just partying, while he secretly longed for his past love, for the tender kiss and the family that may have been.

This full moon may bring such a longing.

Hopefully we have laughed and we have partied during the Christmas season, we have enjoyed home and family and we will continue to do so for some days before we are to go again on the rat race, to duty and responsibility, to effort and hard work.

Some of us may on the other hand may be facing the New Year without having a work, or a lover or the means to party and for those, the need to be nourished is much stronger and also practical as well as psychological.

Such concerns will be constant reminders now that Saturn has entered Capricorn and demands results.

  • How are we to ease the emotional effect of the hardships of the present?
  • How are we to accept the longing for the past?
  • How to come to grips with such contradicting feelings?

These are some of the questions that this Full Moon rises.

Full Moon in Cancer

There are some answers to these questions, or at least answers that suffice for the next fourteen days that lead up to the New Moon, because this unique Full Moon shows a way to reconcile the contradictions.

The Full Moon in Cancer intertwines the two Lights in a special astrological aspect pattern that is called “The Kite”. This pattern involves Moon, Mars and Neptune together in a Grand watery Trine, while at the same time, the Sun and Venus conjunction is the focal point of the pattern, with the two planets being simultaneously sextile to Mars and Neptune.

These all create a safety net around the full moon antithesis and help us integrate the opposition with the best possible way.

The emotional trine in the water Signs is giving us inspired feelings, deep empathy, self-confidence and motivated action and the sextiles bring about opportunities as we charmingly and boldly act to achieve our ambitions. We feel that we can express our creativity and we can dare to dream. We are assisted by intuition.

As we intuitively understand the answers come and we can start 2018 with commitments and resolutions that are the combined results of matured will and gentle emotions.

  • Yes we may need to be accomplished but we must realize that any achievement is void without putting our heart to it.
  • Yes it is easy to accept a longing for the past as long as we understand that this past led to the achievements of today.
  • We can feel less burdened by emotional hardships as long as we understand that love is not only romance but it needs work in order to materialize.
  • Yes we can patiently endure not having enough money or the professional status if we understand that real success is to care and to be cared for.

These are some of the answers that this Full Moon is wisely giving us and wise we will be to hold on to these answers for the rest of the New Year.

I wish everyone a fulfilling 2018!


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