SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON – 18 DECEMBER 2017: Cosmopolitan spark

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The New Moon takes place in the 26th degree of the Sign of Sagittarius. It affects the Mutable Signs (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo) as well as Leo and Aries Signs that are born in the third decan or those having personal planets or their Ascendant near the 26th degree of these Signs.


Moon joins the Sun on the 18th of December and this union, as with every New Moon, marks a new realization. The New Moon period is the right time to begin something since we have a fresh mood and we feel invigorated.

This New Moon in particular works refreshingly and has a positive overtone since it occurs in the Sign of Sagittarius, an amicable and jovial Sign, and is mostly accompanied by positive aspects.

Sagittarius is an optimistic Sign that has open horizons and broadened perception.

A New Moon in Sagittarius gives an appetite for exploration to our soul and to our spirit and makes us to eagerly looking forward for the new prospects that lay ahead. It brings us the desire to be open and true with ourselves and honest with others, since sincerity and straightforwardness are basic Sagittarius traits.

After the deep psychological digging of the previous New Moon in Scorpio, and the difficult efforts to communicate what we have unearthed with the Full Moon in Gemini, this New Moon at last brings, immediacy, renewal and revitalization.

We now are optimistic, and with Venus in conjunction with the New Moon, we come out not only with a positive aura but also with spontaneous shine and charisma. We know our value and we are in harmony with our feelings.  We feel likable and we are popular. We are tender, jovially friendly, exciting social, and most important craving for new experiences.

This New Moon is a cosmopolitan spark that becomes our inner trigger

for starting something new with enthusiasm.

Next to the two Lights, and also conjunct with Venus, Saturn materializes this new externalization of ourselves adding to it the necessary seriousness and lessening any exaggeration. We take ourselves seriously.

New relationships that we may make shall not be frivolous, and in any beginning or new resolution that we shall commit ourselves to, we are going have acknowledgement and respect for our efforts from our partners and close relationships.

Another positive characteristic of this New Moon is that Uranus from within the Sign of Aries is making a trine aspect with all the planets I have already mentioned.

This gives us the air and freedom for self-expression. Uranus trine with Venus brings pleasant changes in our social and love life and surprises us with opportunities for making new connections. These may start unconventionally or in original settings but there is a great chance they will evolve for a long term.

Jupiter and Mars are conjunct Scorpio and so every action and initiative, indispensable constituents for any new beginning, are favored. Add to this the fact that Neptune is making a trine with both planets and we can talk about inspired action with creativity.

This New Moon in Sagittarius favors new endeavors but at the same time we have to be cautious to moderate and slow down its exaggerated enthusiasm. Especially more in this case, where Jupiter, the ruling planet of enthusiastic Sagittarius, is making a square aspect to the Moon's Nodes. So we have to pay extra attention to excess and overreacting.

Another thing we must have in mind is that Mercury will still be retrograde for some days after the New Moon while at the same time it makes a square aspect with Neptune. This means we should think before taking action and be careful of our spontaneity so as to avoid mistakes, wrong judgments and / or unnecessary idealizations.

This New Moon on December 18th is the last lunation for 2017. And yes for some of you, depending on where it fells on your personal chart, it may it be an ideal opportunity to set in motion circumstances that would lead to an expansive 2018.

Sure thing is that it promises a festive season full of excitement and adventure!

I wish everyone a happy and creative holiday season & Merry Christmas!

Find out where the New Moon falls in your chart

and embrace its promise for renewal.


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