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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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“A beacon moon, whose light leads you where your heart wants to take you,

A full moon that sheds its light and shows you clearly where you belong, as it shines directly into your sacred center,

you will sway for a while as you approach it, but you will choose, freely, and reach your harbor.

You will heal and be healed, experiencing loving embraces and sweet feelings,

you will be inspired with enthusiasm and feel your guides beside you, every step of the way, supporting your decisions,

As you are guided by the divine spark of your intuition to follow the silver path of light…”


A magical and beautiful full moon takes place on January 7 in the sign of Cancer. The Moon is at 16°21′ Cancer and is illuminated by the Sun opposite it at the same degree of Capricorn.

With the Moon in the sign of Cancer, the goal is always to meet our emotional needs and feel safe. We need hugs, emotional care, nourishment of soul and body.

The Sun is opposite the sign of Capricorn and the point of the full moon is to be able to align our goals and ambitions so that we can get the desired outcome without compromising our security. And to find a way to make it all happen in a practical and organized way.

The aspects are extraordinary(!) and it is as if the moonlight is showing us the way.

Whether it’s a matter of security within our relationships, or our issue has to do with balance between commitments and professional issues with family, or whether we feel the need to communicate how we are feeling and receive back the affirmation and care we need, or whether we long to feel more fulfilment in everything we do by accomplishing goals and ambitions… the way will be revealed.

Within us.

In the chart of this Full Moon, Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Capricorn and is in close conjunction with the Sun. At the same time, it is in opposition to the Moon, so what is clashing within us is heart and reason.

What is needed is a balance between the two, and it helps us with this to turn our thoughts away from the voice in our head that is judgmental and constantly finding difficulties, and just look at the practical matters and how we organize our movements to do what our heart calls us to do.

What we want and why we want it is clear. We feel it. We can listen to our feelings. Our intuition speaks to us correctly.

All this Moon wants is for us to clearly consider our responsibilities and make our decisions. Everything else is easy…

There will be no obstacles where the heart and the will unite under the magical influence of the aspects of this Full Moon.

Uranus in Taurus makes a beautiful sextile to the Moon, that helps to see the truth of our feelings. It fills us with excitement for the new. It is an aspect that helps in making decisions freely and based on our truth.

It also makes a trine aspect to the Sun and Mercury so helping us with inventiveness, fresh ideas and a willingness to go with the flow, loosely, naturally and effortlessly.

With the combination of these aspects made by Uranus in Taurus with the two lights, this full moon can also bring unexpected, and unexpected positive events, e.g., suddenly finding a house to rent, the first thing that comes to mind.

Another beautiful aspect is the trine and sextile that Neptune in Pisces forms to the Moon and Sun respectively. Yes, on one hand the universe brings smooth change and on the other it fills us with inspiration, intuition, faith and hope for the best.

These are aspects of our deepest wishes coming true.

Aspects that unite heart, mind, faith and will.

Venus in Aquarius has just left a sextile to Jupiter in Aries and is approaching a trine aspect to Mars retrograde in Gemini. These aspects of the planet of love and money are combining, a bit of luck, good mood, opportunities in finances, dating chances, independence of action, give us creativity, help us to recognize our worth, make our communication better, radiate charm and also bring opportunities in romance.

Do you want more? There’s more!

This Full Moon is in the sign of Cancer, a sign that has to do with family, home, the past and our upbringing. Asteroid Vesta (Hestia), is in the sign of Pisces and in exact aspect of a trine to the Moon and a sextile to the Sun.

Vesta (Hestia) has precisely to do with the concept of Home, where the unquenched flame of our Sacred House burns, but it also symbolizes the deeper values that burn brightly within us.

It is as if the light of this moon shows us where our principles lie, where our heart lies, what we love to do in our daily lives, which persons arouse intimacy to us.

It shows us what it is that we want to serve.

It is as if this Full Moon is guiding us to follow what truly fills us and completes us professionally, to truly be with individuals who respect our emotional core, to totally trust our intuition so that its light can lead us to the place where the flame of our soul has always been lit.

Surrender to the flow of the Moonlight. This moon wants to lead us home. And our home is where our Heart is.


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