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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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A Full Moon filled with tension and frustration takes place on December 8.

Each Full Moon is a culmination of events that began with the preceding New Moon and brings to light realizations since it invites us to see our emotions clearly and to align them with the external situations.

The Moon is in the sign of Gemini and the challenge is to express how we feel. Feelings blurred -that are the result of thinking and analysis, choices, and dilemmas come to the forefront now.

Our psyche fragile and sensitive from conversations, words and conversations that were said in previous days, seeks safety in understanding the how and the why.

We want to overcome whatever is holding us back and robbing us of our freedom, our carefree spirit, and our truth becomes important. We believe that through telling it, communicating it, we can give others the big picture and make them understand it.

But with Mars being in retrograde and conjunct the Moon this is not easy as our mind, confused and tired from overanalyzing our emotions, cannot discern clearly.

Resentment, bitterness, and frustration because things are not flowing and are not as we envision them are boiling in the background.

With Mars in Gemini both retrograde and out of bounds we will recall past and forgotten things that have hurt us and there is a risk of becoming provocative. Mercury is also out of bounds in Capricorn and becomes cynical and critical.

We are impulsive and ready to talk in the heat of the moment, and conversations are all too easy to turn into arguments and fights.

We have a vulnerable, fragile psyche. We feel unprotected and naked, as the trine and sextile that Chiron in Aries forms to the Moon and Sun acts like a double-edged sword.

It takes a lot of patience and a lot of wisdom to be able to manage this vulnerability, because if it is expressed with the anticipation that others will understand it and embrace it, and they don’t, then the wounded beast within us will awaken, resulting in even more wounds.


“Words like violence, break the silence, come rushing in, words are meaningless, they can only do harm” goes a line from a song that urges us to enjoy the silence.


With Mars retrograde what is needed is to turn inward instead of giving in to the impulse to speak.

We need to choose with greater thought which battles we wish to fight and whether it makes sense to do it now, since under the energy of this Moon the issues we will touch upon can easily get out of hand and generalizations said will add more fuel to the fire and inflame anger.

We need to be careful what we say and call on the patience and moderation that Mercury in Capricorn has when expressed in its positive qualities.

Mercury is the ruler of the Full Moon and dispositor of Mars and everything will be decided precisely by the management of our thoughts and words. But this takes effort as well, since Mercury is square Jupiter in Pisces and… it is not easily contained.

A difficult full moon and it requires caution also in driving as all the tension will also manifest on the roads and traffic. It also needs caution in communication with siblings, relatives and neighbors and also in the information we pass on so as not to expose and be exposed.

Some help to the explosive energy of the full moon may be coming from the trine and sextile it forms to Saturn in Aquarius, but also, in my astrological opinion, through the square it forms to Neptune.

The aspects to Saturn can work to stabilize, and temper tension as long as we rein in our emotions, act more mature, with a sense of responsibility, and with our wants clear. But… with an objective to realize those same wants in the future; later, and specifically either in late January or early March, not at the present. Not today. So be patient…

The aspect to Neptune can work positively if we channel all our inner tension into something creative.

Also with this aspect we can consciously choose to remain in a temporal inertia, in surrendering to the fatigue of events and situations, in accepting that things continue to be unclear, and do this as being preferable over opening discussions and trying to find the truth, in a landscape that for the next two weeks will remain, blurred, fluid and changing.


I wish you all the best in managing this difficult Moon and to have patience until the New Moon that occurs two days before Christmas and which will bring renewed energy!


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