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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis


An absolute in character, but also karmic Full Moon takes place on February 16th, on the Leo-Aquarius axis.

Each Full Moon brings relationship issues to the forefront as the give and take is emphasized. Emotions are strong but on the other hand it is a time of fulfillment and culmination of decisions.

The Moon from the sign of Leo stirs up emotions within us tinged with passion and joy. We desire creativity, we want to express how we feel. To be accepted and admired is of paramount importance for us.

Opposite the Moon, the Sun in the sign of Aquarius rationalizes emotion, makes us more objective and resists drama by seeking cooperation and working as a team.

This opposition, in its negative version, increases tension in relationships, since selfish attitudes, excessive emotionalism, melodrama and attempts to impose one person feelings on the other results in detachment and coldness.

Feeling has to be rationalized. This is important in this Full Moon, since Mercury is also in the sign of Aquarius when the lunation occurs, and thus communication becomes clear and objective. Thoughts seek a common path, respect for each person’s individuality all combined with a good deal of freedom.

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We want to dance in figure skating, with love, creativity, passion, and our hearts beating to the same rhythm as one. The movements to be simultaneous, joint, full of emotion and collaboration.

It is a team spirit, without one of the partners trying to show off, and in their attempt to get more points from the audience, thwart the other’s partner effort.

If the former is achieved then success will come because of the right mix of individual creativity on the one hand, combined with a spirit of cooperation to achieve a common goal.

If we choose the second… then only problems will arise, and we will fall onto… ice.


Why am I writing about relationships and love, and why am I emphasizing the criticality of the whole achievement?

The Universe has been working its magic for several months now, either bringing lovers together, or further strengthening the bonds between existing couples who are meant to be together.

These are souls that the Universe needs them to work together for the common purpose of improving the Collective Unconscious and to release powerful positive energy through their union.

The above is NOT something that all couples will achieve no matter what but will only come as a result of awareness of the importance of the relationship and understanding of the role that the lovers-dancers are called upon to play.

I wrote to you very early on, that 2022 will be a very erotic year for some of you, and this Full Moon highlights this very theme. Related post November 5, 2021 here.

Mars and Venus have begun their several-week-long conjunction, as hand in hand they pass through the 17° degree of Capricorn on the day of the Full Moon and will continue to be together until the 10° degree of Aquarius in mid-March, and remaining together, in a more open conjunction, for several days afterwards.

So, the skaters couple are called upon to dance their figures, a male and a female, having been chosen by the Universe to do so, and this Full Moon is their dress rehearsal.

It is at this Full Moon, then, that the two dancers will lay the foundations of their success, or not, since as it takes place we have:

  • Mars and Venus are in an open trine with the planet Uranus in two aspects that bring excitement, renewal, new relationships, and the ability to enjoy independence while in an existing relationship.
  • Jupiter and Uranus will accurately form a hexagon aspect to each other a few hours after the Full Moon, bringing opportunities and new possibilities for expansion, positive change, progress, redefining philosophy, and worldview for mutual benefit.
  • The Moon’s Nodes are in a favorable trine – sextile formation with Pluto, bringing fateful encounters, transformation, psychological empowerment, determination, and evolution.

But then, where’s the problem, you may wonder.

What makes this Full Moon so special is that it is in a perfect square to the Moon’s Nodes, so it’s like a final test as to whether the couple will make it.

Pluto’s influence is ABSOLUTE, and positive on the one hand BUT the role that the LUNAR NODES have in this Moon is difficult, and that’s why it marks a critical and karmic period for the next two weeks.

Only if the “ Ι ” is overcome and the “ WE ” is empowered, only if the ultimate goal is TRANQUILITY, only through understanding the MEANING that each UNION gives, then and only then, the outcome will be positive and mutually EVOLVING.

It is a full moon that of course does not bring all the above to all Zodiac Signs, but that works most positively for AQUARIUS, TAURUS, VIRGO, but also for SCORPIOs and PISCES Signs, born in the last five days of their Zodiac Sign. Also, for those of you who have personal planets or points of your horoscope at 25°- 29° degrees of the above Zodiac signs.

It poses the crucial test for LEOS, AQUARIUS, ARIES, SAGITTARIUS, GEMINI, and LIBRAS, born on the same dates and degrees.

You are also very likely to make a new relationship that will transform you, especially if the Full Moon falls in the 5th or 7th house, of your personal horoscope.

The time remains difficult for the FIXED ZODIAC SIGNS of the early second decan, and for CANCERS of the last few days.


I wish a beautiful Full Moon, to all of you, and take care not to fall with a karmic slip.

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