LIBRA NEW MOON – 19 OCTOBER 2017: A wind stirs up the Lake

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Libra New Moon 2017

Luna Lake. It is a lake, calm and serene. The picture is of you and of me. We stand on the lake shore. The wind blows gently. It makes ripples on the surface of the water and tangles our hair.

It is I and You.

Suddenly a strong wind stirs up the lake. Lightning. A sudden rain, cool and refreshing.  We run for shelter. Our hearts beat loud, with joy. Under the big tree top we stop. We are waiting for the rain to stop. We sit and talk. We get along. The rain stops. We look at each other. We may be wet, but for some reason we now know that everything is possible, everything is old and is new. We get up and go. But now, we are walking together.

It is We.”


I have chosen a poetic manner suitable to the harmonious sign of Libra, to describe with an imagery the energy of the New Moon that takes place on October the 19th.

It is a New Moon that is stirring up the waters, and for some of us, we could even say that it is stirring up waters that have been stagnant and still.

This New Moon occurs at Libra, the sign of relationships and harmony. Exactly opposite the New Moon, Uranus in Aries actively energises us. It brings the sudden and the unexpected when we least anticipate it. This might initially cause us excitement, agitation, or even annoy us. But this awakening is exactly what we really need, so as to better realise where we stand with ourselves and others.

This New Moon totally refreshes existing relationships and partnerships while at the same time brings many opportunities for new ones to be born.

But the New Moon does not only affect relationships and partnerships,  because through our renewed relations it also allows us to find and reach a new balance, inward and outward, and thus benefit other areas of our lives, as well.

Which areas these may be, it has to do with where the New Moon operates in your personal horoscope.

Although initially the energy of the New Moon is electrifying, it will eventually have positive results since it is in conjunction with Jupiter.

This process of reset and renewal may come suddenly but it will be smooth. This is because Saturn assists Uranus in its opposition to the New Moon, controls any excessive impulses, makes us adjust to the new, and gives us the necessary calmness with which to face the changes.

So now is the best time to let ourselves open to new possibilities and to be excited about the new.

Most importantly, from the time of the New Moon and for the next 14 days we will be able to greatly capitalise on the potential of our existing relationships and many opportunities are going to present themselves through cooperation, conciliation and mutual understanding.


Find out where the New Moon falls in your chart

and embrace its promise for renewal.



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