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The Lunar Eclipse takes place in the Sign of Scorpio, and is of special importance for ALL Zodiac signs, as each eclipse marks an evolutionary point for everyone.

It is especially difficult for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius persons, especially those who have personal planets or horoscope angles between 23°-27° degrees.

Challenging for Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn Signs, requiring faith and calmness.

It demands readjustments and a change of attitude for Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.



By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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A very difficult Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio takes place on May 15th or May 16th, depending on where you are in the world, which fills us with gloom and pessimism.

It is a critical eclipse that will surely distress us since our sense of security will be largely determined by our maturity and patience in dealing with situations.


Macbeth, Act 2, Scene 1

There’s a well-known line in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, in the scene where Macbeth is walking in the night, and hearing the sound of the castle bell echoing grimly, he monologues:

“I go and it is done. The bell calls me.

Don’t listen to it Duncan, for it is a sound that calls you to Heaven or Hell.”


The lunar eclipse in Scorpio has the same dark and grim mood as the bell Macbeth hears. The bell is tolling and depending on our reactions our path will be more or less difficult.

There are some helpful and positive aspects in the Eclipse chart but one thing is for sure, we will first have to go through the Darkness before we can come out into the Light again.

Saturn in Aquarius has been square to the Moon’s Nodes for some time now, and will continue to be for some time to come. From this position it calls us to act with responsibility and maturity, and to make choices where there is no room for excessive sentimentality or excessive rationalization.

In particular in this eclipse, Saturn is in addition in a tight square to the two Lights and its message is like the bell that Macbeth hears. So let us listen carefully, for its chime leads us down one of two paths:

One path leads to emotional stress and disappointment caused by our inability to deal with responsibilities in our relationship. It brings emotional detachment, coldness, sadness and pessimism. – This path is the dark night of the soul and we don’t want to take it.    IT IS NOT AN OPTION.

The other path leads to integrity and maturity. It requires patience and hard work, especially in how we respond to the emotional needs of our loved ones.

It is a difficult second path, through a dark tunnel, and along the way we need to understand what it is that really makes us feel safe. As we walk to the exit we need to have a clear understanding of the bigger picture for the future and to address our fears.

But this is very difficult with Mercury, the planet that characterizes all functions of thought and communication, retrograde, and also conjunct the Sun and in opposition to the Moon.

So great care is needed in what we say and how we say it because the Mercury-Moon opposition makes it difficult to express ourselves and can lead us to communicating our feelings in completely the wrong way, as the emotional strain is intense and we are under pressure.


It is preferable to take advantage of the introverted energy of this eclipse to better understand our own motivations, our own obsessions. Where we are possessive, why we are filled with fears and where our peace lies.

The tranquillity of Taurus, and not the complexity of Scorpio, is the aim of this eclipse.

We need to understand that a requirement of emotional security is TRUST, whereas in contrast, the dark brooding of insecurity only brings about further emotional suffocation and grows the Shadows…


Chiron conjunct Venus at 14° Aries is the healing power of Love shining like a star waiting for us on the way out.

But it’s also the bittersweet trauma of insecurity that we carry along the way…


Aiding the energy of the eclipse, the Mars-Neptune conjunction from the sign of Pisces acts like the lantern that lights our way through the dark tunnel. It is a conjunction that in trine – sextile to the Moon’s Nodes reminds us how crucial it is not to be impulsive, but to let go guided with our intuition.

It asks us to believe that the Universe is watching our back. Only in this way can material and emotional insecurities disappear.

Mars conjunct Neptune is the counterbalance to the phobias expressed by Saturn as it touches the Nodes with a square. It is Zen contemplation. To let ourselves go with the flow. It is FAITH to DARE to go towards our dream, to go towards our destiny.


So, as we hear the bell of this eclipse, we know that we will go down a dark path.

Let us dispel the Shadows cast by the negative manifestations of the Scorpio – Taurus axis with the Light cast by the lantern of inspiration, by the Light of our intuition. Let them dispelled by the Light of a determination that is not shaken by hesitation, that has Faith, and that empathizes.

Jupiter from the first-first degree of Aries promises a New Beginning after this Eclipse.

A beginning that will come… sooner or later. But that will come.


And the next, very favorable New Moon on May 30, promises the same as well.


Until then… keep the lantern bright.


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