NEW MOON IN ARIES 5 APRIL 2019: How Soon Is Now?

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The New Moon takes place at 15°17’ of the Sign of Aries. It mainly affects Aries and Libra Signs and also Cancer and Capricorn Signs which are born in the second decan, as well as those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 13° -17° degrees of the Cardinal Cross.

There is a lyric that says… “And when you want to live how do you start, where you go, who you need to know?”.

This is in a sense the question, that the New Moon in Aries which takes place on April the 5th, poses for each one of us. Because from one hand it is a very good opportunity for starts, but on the other hand it presents us with some serious challenges.

But let’s take first things first, as this is an Aries New Moon.

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Each New Moon is the beginning of a new cycle, and when it is a New Moon that takes place in the pioneering, dynamic, impulsive, and self-expressive Aries Sign, it is more than just a new chapter.

Now, we have the first moon of the new Astrological Year which has commenced on the day of the Spring Equinox.

This New Moon in Aries is Chapter Number One.

We ourselves are number one under this New Moon. We feel that now is the time for a full expression of our own identity. We can be bold and we may rush, we want things done, and done our own way.

But the problem with this particular New Moon in Aries is that our expression and feelings are held in check.

The only major aspect that the two Lights make, is that of an applying square to the planet Saturn in Capricorn. What a pity, that our passionate intensity, our impulsive disposition, our dynamism to act are challenged.

We aim for preeminence and Saturn speaks of moderation. We feel an urgency to act quickly and Saturn says that we need to have patience. We try to be ourselves and someone else wants us to behave differently.

Saturn here is the very reality that does not allow us to be or to do what we want and in the way we want it.

It may be responsibilities that delay our plans. It may be practical difficulties that make us hesitant to accept a new job offer. It may be a father figure or a person of authority that oppose our actions.

Even worse it may be our own fears, our own pessimism, or just a sense of “This is too hard” that place obstacles in our path…


This New Moon in Aries is also disposited by planet Mars. Once more emphasizing the New Moon’s hold back motif, Mars is in a sesquiquadrate aspect to Saturn.

Sesquiquadrates are subtle challenges that have a learning character, but unlike squares they cannot be easily felt or understood. They require a passing of time till the conflict they represent surfaces and is eventually confronted.

The sesquiquadrate aspect between Mars and Saturn may denote that things follow a very slow process as they move, and the more they delay the more frustrated we become.

The rush with which we want to act is pressing us all the more. We are deeply in need of breaking into the new, and in our hurry to do it quickly, we become impatient.

The more impatient we get, the more we may feel the consequences of the Mercury square Jupiter aspect, resulting in us saying more than needed, seeing the big picture but avoiding minor details, or promising more that we can deliver.

Patience is needed…


Mercury sextile Saturn, an aspect that comes exact two days after the New Moon, make us to communicate in a responsible manner and clears our thinking.

Mercury sextile Pluto, focuses our concentration and gives persuasive power.

These two aspects help to balance the fog and the ambiguity created from the prolonged conjunction of Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, something that clouded our vision with retro nostalgia during the days when Mercury was retrograde.

We have to work on the good expression of these two planets. For example instead of arguing with the father figure we may speak to him with compassion. Βy sharing our dream with him, to inspire him, and make him our ally and not our opposer.

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Let us be cautious then because this New Moon, though promising of a new beginning is also demanding, frustrating and oppressive.

Let us be prudent. We have to master Saturn in order to overcome this New Moon’s sombre and challenging character so as to fully to exploit its potential for a new start.

Let us attune with Neptune’s higher vibrations to inspire ourselves and avoid the pitfalls of disillusionment before we even begin.

The energy of Neptune-Mercury conjunction in Pisces combined with the New Moon squaring Saturn in Capricorn that characterizes the chart, reminds me of something a dear friend wrote.

“We decorate ourselves with lots of lies to endure everyday life and forget that by doing it, we cower our bright and strong soul who wants to be expressed with joy, intensity and passion!

The biggest lie we say to ourselves is “I cannot”. And we say so often that in the end it becomes part of our truth.

So when we want to live how do we start, where we go, who we need to know?


We start with patience, we go within and till the end and we need to know no one else but our own self.


P.S. The mundane expression of the New Moon that activates the eclipse of January the 6th will be difficult and we may witness some serious events in the next days. But this is another story…


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