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Deep into the core of YOUR inner strength

By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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A karmic, focal, dynamic, challenging, transformative but also regenerative and Sacred New Moon takes place on July 17 at 24°56′ Cancer. It is a powerful and complex Moon which occurs in parallel with significant other astrological circumstances and within a very powerful network of aspects.

But first things first.

The New Moon in Cancer is ideal for setting your intentions. To plant a seed. A new intention that starts from your center, from the deepest parts of your core and that you need to nurture so that it can grow. An intention that encompasses you and those you love and which as it grows will return even more care and protection back to you.

This New Moon is also an awareness of the positive qualities you have within yourself, which if externalized would create a protective web of light around you. Qualities such as protection, ability to nurture, to understand, to love, to care, to show tenderness.


Memories will come with this New Moon. Your intuition will be heightened. Psychic abilities are accentuated and you can discern subtle and imperceptible changes in the energy field around you.

Feelings of others, vibes, sensations of the place, impressions of everything, which you experience and feel yourself.

You are in the center. Follow your inner voice.


Pluto in Capricorn is in opposition to the New Moon. That’s why it’s dynamic and transformative.

Because in order for the seed to grow you need to clear the ground. Blockages, power plays, jealousies, toxicity are what you need to root out of your emotional landscape and start cultivating the positive qualities I mentioned above.

You may face such behaviors within relationships and partnerships but you can easily overcome them as long as you are in the mood for a fresh start and not in the mood to retaliate and persist in the wrongdoings but rather by remaining strong, at your center!

Your sensitivity is your strength!


This is a pivotal point at which the New Moon occurs. Less than two hours after this Moon, the Moon’s Nodes change Signs and move to the Aries – Libra Axis.

A transition that changes the themes of relationships for the next 18 months, and says – among other things – that evolution has to do with having the right balance between individualism and cooperation with others, and that compromising to please others or being aggressive and seeing things only from your own perspective… is not evolving.

This New Moon opens the curtain of the nodal transition, and karmically invites us to make a balanced and correct management between “I” and “We” for the coming months.

Tenderly and from our center. Otherwise the result will be emotional stress and radical changes we won’t like.


This New Moon is dynamic, but fortunately its aspect to Pluto and the Lunar Nodes is not the tightest aspect.

A beautiful sextile that Uranus in Taurus makes with the two lights gives opportunities for change and renewal. Originality of expression. Pure emotions. Feeling deep inside what is your truth. It is boldness for the new. It is “Eureka” and enthusiasm for the seed you want to sow, for the new that you want to be, for the new that you want to feel!

It’s an aspect that in an unexpected way can present you with opportunities you didn’t expect, or bring you sudden ideas and solutions!

But THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect I leave for the end.

This is the wonderful trine that the two lights receive from Neptune in Pisces, which is the MOST TIGHT ASPECT in the chart of the New Moon in Cancer.

It is a trine which gives great potential for your prayers to become true. To plant your seed, with love and selflessness, and to taste the fruits of the materialization of your wishes. To lay the foundations of your dream. To grow with more intuition, with more creativity, with more empathy.


Become a Receiver.

Listen to the Messages.

Pray with a whole Heart.

Raise your Vibrations!


Neptune, which is simultaneously in a sextile aspect to Pluto, practically acts as a helping hand in the opposition of Pluto with the two lights and serves as an outlet from the pressure.

It is a wedge formation that we could give it the title:

“Transformation through increased Spirituality and Intuition.”


The heightened intuition of Cancer in which the New Moon occurs, the spirituality and inspiration that Neptune brings, and the ease of changing perspective and perception that Uranus brings, are elements that can make this New Moon a very important springboard indeed.

For intentions to be realized.

For renewed relationships.

For creative beginnings.

For you to feel more at your sacred center.

For laying the groundwork for your evolution, no matter what challenges may arise.

Seize the opportunity! Follow your inner voice!


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