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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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A complex New Moon in Cancer takes place on June 29.

The New Moon takes place with the Lights and two planets (Jupiter and Venus) at degree seven, all forming a small learning triangle between four Zodiac signs. Because this New Moon is particularly complicated and multi-faceted, I have chosen to describe in a more symbolic way the issues it will bring to the fore and the energies it carries.


Looking at her chart is like seeing a tapestry of disconnected images, but all painted by the hand and imagination of a single artist.

It’ s about everything that has to do with feminine principle and motherhood. It’ s a sensitive and wild moon. It has exuberance and a fighting spirit as well as intense introversion.

She harbors anger in her Mars square Pluto but she also wants to be nurturing. She involves the clash of the feminine principle which is full of intuition with the masculine force of brute will.

It’s dreamy and nightmarish at the same time. She has love hidden in the whispers of the night for only those few who would keep their ears open.

The central image is that of a pregnant woman. She’s in her 7 month and she protectively wraps her arms around her bulging belly, since every New Moon in Cancer is about motherhood and nurturing. The woman feels so strongly the need to protect the life she carries inside her, that she will not hesitate to defend her baby’s life if it is in danger.

Next to her is an image of a Black Madonna and on the other side is a half-naked warrior woman who wears the skulls of dead enemies around her waist like a belt. These are images of the dark Lilith, which in conjunction with the New Moon symbolizes two opposing energies at the same time.

On the one hand she is the emancipated Woman and Mother who does not submit to social norms or to male patronage, but who defies every authority that tries to control her. It is the hidden power that every Woman has inside her when she feels her baby is threatened and that can transform her within seconds into a fearless fighter ready for anything.

On the other hand, Lilith is the raw feminine force who, in her attempt to throw off submission, and in the name of her liberation, can choose to reject motherhood and the traditional feminine roles altogether, turning to an unconventional lifestyle that is unruly.

Jupiter square the New Moon exaggerates the feminine energies. Everything takes on a dramatic, hypersensitive character. A woman’s tear joins the cry of a baby, every need is overemphasized.

You crave at once to feel cared for and safe, as you feel so unprotected that you can break…

On the other hand, you thirst to feel the power of the allure of your unbridled Lilith side of you, as you feel her calling…

Another image.

A procession.

A priest leads a small crowd of young women. In his hand he holds a banner with the number 7 on it, and he seeks a place worthy and sacred to protect the women.

The women are 7, dressed in long cloth dresses, and in their hands they each hold a small vial of essential oils. They draw the eyes of the men as they walk and they exchange brief words with them, a little on the sly, a bit flippantly.

Their inner conflict is whether to stay in their emotional shell, traditionally seeking security in a future family, versus daring to leave the procession and enjoy the fun and flirtation that interaction with the outside world offers.

You have 7 wishes, 7 desires, 7 realizations.

This New Moon takes you to the past…

It flows from the river of unconsciousness and waters the fertile grass of what you dream of becoming.  Memories, nostalgia, the smell of the wood floor and the light coming through the window of your childhood become one with the dreams you have today.

You have 7 different feminine aspects and the dreams you see will be significant with this New Moon…

They will be numerous, they will be wild, they will be untamed. Indulge in them without worrying that the boogeyman will come out of the closet. Follow the path of memory back… and rediscover your past.

Discover how critical and important your innermost feelings are, and why they make your future.

You have seven nails and seven souls.

Make sure you control your emotions under this Moon. Discover your feminine power and choose tenderness instead of choosing to waste your energy on something that isn’t worthwhile.

Take care of yourself and your sensitivity first.

You are the feminine, complex, multi-faceted… no one can describe you.

Only you!

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