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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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The New Moon in Capricorn is a positive moon for everyone.

Very positive for TAURUS, VIRGO, CAPRICORN, SCORPIO, and PISCES persons born in the very first days of their Sign, or those of you who have personal planets or angles in your Horoscope near the degrees 0°-or 14°-18° of the above Zodiac signs.

Positive also for ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA persons born in the very first days of their Sign, or those of you who have personal planets or angles in your Horoscope near the degrees 0°- of the above Zodiac signs.

As well as for ARIES, GEMINI, LEO, AQUARIUS, and SAGITTARIUS persons born in the very last days of their Sign, or those of you who have personal planets or angles in your Horoscope near the degrees 28°-29°59’ of the above Zodiac signs.

Finally, a beautiful New Moon happens two days before Christmas on December 23rd. It is a Moon which takes place at 1°32′ of CAPRICORN and it holds a lot of potential!

Like all New Moons, this one too is a seed of a new beginning, a fresh start or something new appearing in the area of your horoscope in which it happens.

With the New Moon in the sign of CAPRICORN this seed is practical in nature and is blessed with a long-term perspective. Anything that begins now will have a solid foundation and the potential to grow even more and have great boom.

Naturally with a New Moon in CAPRICORN our professional matters and ambitions are favored. It is an ideal time to set new goals, organize plans about practical matters and deal with anything new in a serious, organized and responsible manner.

But this New Moon holds yet more opportunities and brings success in what we want to start for two additional reasons.

The first is that it takes place at 01° of CAPRICORN, that is, it occurs at an initial degree of the Zodiac, and thus brings with it an energy of freshness, combined with impulse and practicality.

The second reason is that the planet Jupiter is not just at an initial degree but at 0° degree of ARIES, the very first degree of the entire Zodiac!

This New Moon is not just a beginning, but a completely New Beginning and a completely new cycle for each and every one of you depending on the area that Jupiter rules in your Horoscope and the area in which it is currently in.

In fact, it is very likely that the first signs of this beginning appeared as initial ideas, first encounter with a person, or first considerations to do something, from May 10 to May 20, 2022 when Jupiter was again in these same degrees.

Full of blessings and possibilities everything that begins under this New Moon with Jupiter powerful at 0° degree of ARIES but also in a square aspect to the two Lights.

All you need is to act carefully, organized and with faith in yourself, having first measured the risks and without haste. The seed planted now needs patience and perseverance, but it will yield plentiful rewards.

Capricorn is the Sign of the Material Plane, as I have written before, and therefore this New Moon also hides many possibilities for manifesting your intentions. On a purely energetic level, visualize, set practical intentions, have faith in your abilities, and dare to fearlessly take the first steps in order to see these intentions made manifest during the next 6 months.

The sextile that NEPTUNE in PISCES makes to MERCURY in CAPRICORN is an aspect that can make dreams come true, give us inspiration that is directed at practical issues, as well as the necessary alignment of the intellect with the universal, so that we can see beyond material intentions and feel the quintessence of our ambition at the level of the soul.

Uranus from TAURUS in a trine to VENUS in CAPRICORN is the aspect, which for those of you who belong to the Earth signs and have personal planets or your Ascendant between 14°-18° degrees, helps to make a new relationship, an acquaintance or further open your social circle with this New Moon.

It’s an ideal aspect for social gatherings and brings a measured yet needed renewal to friendships and social life as well as refreshment to existing relationships.

One more positive aspect of this New Moon is the sextile aspect formed between the planet MARS, which is retrograde in the sign of GEMINI, and CHIRON in the sign of ARIES. It is an aspect which provides opportunities to heal wounds from verbal conflicts, tensions and frustration that were caused by the previous Full Moon in GEMINI, which has distressed many of you.

Now is the time to make a fresh start with a conciliatory mood and a shift from the aggressive arguments of the previous period, to comforting conversations, and in the case of couples, to healing… sex!

Especially if we see this aspect combined with the URANUS – VENUS aspect, it brings renewal, encouragement and a restart.

There is no negative aspect to the NEW MOON in CAPRICORN and with MERCURY conjunct VENUS, it is a moon that will give us the much-needed peace, harmony, joy, sociability and sweetness to make the festive days of Christmas and New Year beautiful!


Wishing a wonderful New Moon to each and every one of you!

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