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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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A New Moon takes place on June 18, 2023 at 26°43′ of the Gemini Sign.


It affects us all regardless of our Zodiac sign and according to the house in which it falls in our astrological chart.

It especially affects GEMINI, SAGITTARIUS, VIRGO, PISCES, TAURUS, SCORPIO, LEO and AQUARIUS persons who are born within the last five days of their Zodiac Sign or those of you who have a personal planet or your Ascendant between 25°00′ – 29°59′ in the above Signs.


Like every New Moon, this is a Moon that brings realizations and marks a beginning or a reboot. As it takes place in the Sign of Gemini it marks a new cycle where messages, communication and conversations will play an important role.

But this New Moon takes place within a net of significant aspects that add a completely different meaning to all the above. Neptune in Pisces forms a square aspect to the Two Lights. The feeling is imaginary. Emotions are deceptive. There is a strong tendency to communicate but there are also some thoughts… secret thoughts.

The Gemini Sign easily starts conversations or sends messages and does so with quite a playful and light-hearted attitude in an exchange of words that is more like flirting or playing. As Neptune squares the Lights, it is easy to understand why texting ignites thoughts that are private. Hidden. Imagined.

Our judgment becomes clouded, and we are unable to clearly discern our choices. We seem like we want something different but we’re not sure what it is or how to achieve it. Disappointments will not be absent, so we need to be prepared for events and situations to not be what they seem.


There are dilemmas caused by this New Moon which also happens to be in CONJUNCTION with Asteroid Hera (Juno). The Asteroid is at 27°31′ Gemini and is also getting a close square from Neptune.

Hera (Juno) is the archetype of the wife, the venerable and socially acceptable married partner and is astrologically associated with the institution of marriage and married life. One could say that with this New Moon, the conjugal lady starts having second thoughts about her marriage and is seduced by messages she receives or by her own deceptive expectations.

But it is not only this that is setting a backdrop that will have a strong impact on marriages and relationships.

Two other equally IMPORTANT Asteroids are in opposition to each other, located at 28° of their Sign. This means they make close aspects to the New Moon, and to Neptune and to Hera (Juno).


Asteroid Hestia (Vesta) from 28°03′ Taurus is in opposition to Asteroid Cupido at 28°21 Scorpio – Cupido is one of the most important asteroids I am studying for erotic affairs and is associated with infatuation or lust for the object of our desire.

Opposite Cupido is Hestia (Vesta), which symbolizes the Sacred House, the Home and the unquenchable flame of family warmth. The symbolism is obvious since the safety and peace of the family home is threatened by the desire-filled Scorpionic infatuation and erotic obsession.

Add to this the fact that the above opposition makes divisive and ambivalent aspects on the New Moon and Hera (Juno), while making beautiful sextile and trine formations with deceptive Neptune, and a fantasy romance combined with erotic desire easily compose a landscape in which issues of fidelity or… infidelity(!) in relationships appear to trouble us.


Add to the mix the fact that Venus and Mars are conjunct, and will keep getting closer to each other, in the fiery Sign of Leo, which craves attention, and we understand that relationships, thoughts, thoughts, faith, infidelity, infatuation, flirtation, courtship, communication, secret or overt, and an intense erotic desire all become an intertwined tangle…

Whether the temptation comes from outside or emerges as a plausible choice because one is in a relationship that has been disappointing him or her lately, here is a New Moon that will test relationships and marriages as a deceptive veil of doubt and a longing to experience something different makes our choices blurred and brings dilemmas.


New connections for those who are single that may arise will be seemingly promising, but on closer inspection they will prove to be different from what they appear to be…

Also be careful about anything you want to initiate with this New Moon and would suggest you’d better take some more time before jumping into it so you can better measure it.

Take time as Saturn turns retrograde TOGETHER with the New Moon and when Saturn moves retrograde it brings up Karmic lessons for what we need to review or reconsider.


This is a PARTICULARLY complex New Moon that while on one hand will entice us, on the other hand it can lead us to important and profound realizations and ultimately allow us to make good decisions or productive new beginnings in our lives in a second year.



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