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Your will today, is the future you build

By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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Realizations and new beginnings as the Moon meets the Sun in their perpetual cycle at 5°38′ in the fiery sign of Leo.

It’s a new moon that’s all about creation, about confidence, about assurance.

It is a moon that is all about where YOUR heart beats.

Listen to this New Moon, as it has a lot to say about who you are. It has much to whisper to you in the dark of night about who you want to be.

But most of all, it has a way of making you understand… who you CAN be.

Leo is a Zodiac sign associated with creation. It is characterized by pure childishness. He wants to live with passion and joy. It is a Zodiac sign that best externalizes the true expression of our heart. It represents, in its positive expression, an ego that is warm-hearted, generous, bright and magnificent at the same time.

This New Moon is trine to the planet Jupiter in Aries. A trine that occurs as Jupiter is stationary and thus exaggerates the element of willpower and strong will. It gives confidence and determination.

We could even say it brings luck and enthusiasm if it were not for some other difficult astrological conditions with this New Moon.

But even so, the aspect is favorable and every decision you make in the coming days, every realization you will make, where you will stand strong, is where you will find positive developments and opportunities ahead of you.

While the New Moon is largely positive, what characterizes it is that the way forward is opened through sudden and unexpected events. The element of surprise, upheaval, tension and nervousness is inextricably linked to this Moon.

Mercury in Leo is in a tight square to the planet Uranus in Taurus, and Mars conjunct Uranus and the North Node is already playing in the background.

So we are talking about realizations that come through erratic situations. We’re talking about self-confidence that will come as the result of karmic and difficult choices. We’re talking about a New Moon that wants you to listen to your heart so that you dare to finally follow its path.


This moon wants to piss you off, irritate you, upset you, so that you finally make the decision to turn the page.

It’s perfect for you to make that fresh start and new beginning you’ve been building inside yourself for so long, as long as you’ve first gotten in touch with your inner strength, and have strongly resisted anything from the outside that tries to shake you from your center.

You will be filled with excitement, but you will also be filled with impatience. You will feel that you are on the right path, but you will constantly find unexpected situations in front of you that will force you to constantly change your plans so that you can move forward.

Through this constant tension, you will become weary in the coming days but you will also be filled with even more determination as you steel your will.

You need resourcefulness. No rush at all. 

Be careful what you say and what you think, as the power of this Moon lies in your ability to be flexible in the midst of unpredictable and frustrating events and situations.

The best way to harness the energy of this Moon is to realize what your passion is and listen to your heart.

As Jupiter retrogrades with the New Moon and Mars meets Uranus and the North Node, turn your mind toward the future you want to have.

What you realize today, and the willpower you find over the next fourteen days, will align with your future goals and bear positive fruit in November 2022 as Jupiter turns direct again.

Today, with this New Moon, you are realizing how strong you are so you can shine in the future you have in store for yourself!


Wishing a happy and beautiful New Moon to all!

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