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The deep sense of a transformative destiny

By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13th is particularly complex from an astrological perspective. With many aspects and full of contradictions.

It has four planets in earth signs and three planets in water signs.

It mixes earth with water this Moon and molds with the clay of your soul goals and aspirations to transform yourself.

It stirs within you the need to discover the practical ways and material means to bring your ideas and dreams into the material realm. To give them form, by first… transforming yourself.

On one hand the Moon in Capricorn, practical and grounded, is yearning to take you to a destiny that deep down you know you are hiding.

On the other hand, the Sun in Cancer wants you to head towards it with caution and by ensuring that you will not compromise anything from your security.

The Sun-Moon opposition fills you with tension as you see clearly the situations and circumstances on which you depend emotionally and materially.

Situations which you will have to gradually overcome if you want to move forward on the path of emotional fulfillment and maturation.

This Full Moon is a contradictory blend of determination and careful reticence. A tangle of memories and future goals.

You feel sensitivity together with responsibility, and the nostalgia for the past is being drowned by practical matters of the present, and social obligations. Everything mixes in the clay and you begin to give it shape.

Listen carefully to what this Full Moon will stir within you as the Moon’s conjunction with Pluto calls for you to find your strength to achieve your goals.

But at the same time it intensifies your insecurity as you discover how manipulative those who have some type of power over you may become or how much, and unintentionally, those who need you and you care for are pushing you around.


The pressure is intense…


You want to break the mould with this Full Moon. To find your strength without losing your sensitivity at the same time. To make the quantum leap. To dare to demonstrate your true worth and who you really are.

Roles, roles, roles… and inside you a hidden child is dreaming visions of your future self.

Return to your childhood for a moment. Therein lie many of the answers you seek. Now, at this Full Moon, and with Mercury and Sun conjunct Cancer, you will find them… hidden beneath the dust of memory.

Dust your mind of suspicious thoughts. Clear your mind of ideas of power and social status, and let your intuition take over.


Pluto in Capricorn in opposition to Mercury and the Sun in Cancer will magnify your ego and fill you with material ambitions. But it’s empty to just have material things if you don’t have someone who cares about you and you care for.

Obligations… social, professional, familial. How do you cope and also how do you create meaningful relationships that involve caring and responsibilities?

These are the balances you are asked to find as your transformation takes place.

And this Full Moon, through its intensity, will take you there. …towards your transformation and your evolution.


How? Why?


Because the two Lights (Sun and Moon) form three (!) helpful trine-sextile aspects that help you to observe the contradictions of this Full Moon from a distance, and with more clarity.

The Sun and Moon in trine and sextile to the planet Uranus fill you with the necessary willingness to react internally and stop behaving based on the expectations of others. This is your breaking of the status quo, changing habits, cleansing and completely closing cycles. It is the most genuine and authentic expression of yourself that dares to overturn the norms. It’s a spirit of renewal where you previously felt constrained.

At the same time the Sun and Moon trine and sextile Neptune bring realizations about your dreams. Neptune is retrograde and yes, practical matters are now seen more realistically.

But just the fact that you see them more clearly, and as they are, means that the dreams you have can also be more achievable and you can be inspired by them instead of merely fantasizing.

The Sun and Moon in trine and sextile to the axis of the Lunar Nodes indicate something very, very important. That the time is right to create the destiny that your Soul truly craves.

No matter how much tension you experience under this Moon, its purpose is for you to make the right realizations and evaluate where you want to go. The Moon in trine with your North Node shows you both the purpose, and the path!

Through the pressure of the real and the nostalgia for lost childhood security, this new path opens up before you.

You want a future that is a comeback to your values. Its purpose is to have what you deserve and fulfills you, not what others tell you, ask you or want to impose on you.

As Neptune is sextile Pluto ( and both these planets are also involved in the Full Moon), and Saturn is trine Venus, you are now laying the groundwork for more spirituality, discovering your power through inner and outer catharsis, understanding, and you are defining your value!

This Full Moon is the culmination of psychological processes that have to do with completing your path to your true destiny…

It is powerful.

And without making any noise, it will set in motion processes that will have a long-lasting effect and contribute to significant changes that lead in a single direction…

A better version… of yourself!


I wish a happy full moon to all of you!!!

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