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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

The New Moon takes place at 13°25′ of Libra and affects us all, but especially Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn persons born in the first five days of the 2nd decan, as well as those of you who have personal planets or angles of your horoscope near the degrees 11°-15° of the above Signs.

The New Moon in Libra has a Karmic flair, with closing of cycles for those of you who are last-day Scorpios, or Libras born near the end of the 1st decan and the beginning of the 2nd decan. Karmic flair also for Sagittarius and Gemini persons born in the first days of their Sign.


Dynamism and Nerves

The energy of this New Moon is at first a dynamism. It is action, zest, enthusiasm, vitality. It is boldness, action, motivation towards a new beginning, which relates to the area of our horoscope, that is, the House in which the New Moon falls in our astrological chart.

But it is also a moon that brings impatience and excitement, so while it’s  important and positive to initially feel its momentum, it might also be good to understand that we need to temper it.

We need to temper it because Mercury is retrograde and conjunct planet Mars, an aspect that requires caution so that everything we do is well-thought and is seen from both sides. We need to be careful for misunderstandings or misinterpretations, as a result of impulsiveness and rush.

This Moon needs us to be alert for tempers, anger and tantrums since Uranus is in an inconjunct aspect to the two Lights and to planet Mars. An aspect of communication breakdown and sudden tensions.

It is an aspect expressing an incompatibility between how quickly we want to experience changes around us filled with excitement and momentum and how important it is we’ll be able to balance and communicate our wants and aspirations properly and harmoniously.


The opportunity this Moon presents

But on the other hand, this New Moon is a great opportunity because this inconjunct aspect is also something more. As Mercury is retrograde, moving towards Mars and Uranus, the aspect operates like a sudden blackout, where the power goes out, the lights go out, and we have a total reset of the system.

That’s exactly the opportunity to make a leap in consciousness, to overcome annoyances in relations, as well as entrenched behaviors in the way we communicate.

It is consolidation (Taurus), shaken by Uranus, after the necessary introspection of Mercury, about how we communicate harmoniously in our relationships (Libra), so that a new way (Uranus) of acting (Mars) and communicating harmoniously, is found.

It’s this new harmony that this Moon suddenly brings, I would say even better, this new perception of harmony in the area that is affecting your personal chart.

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Closing Cycles and Healing

It is also possible, that this New Moon in Libra will renew contacts with people from the past in an attempt to close wounds and traumas and bring a sense of vindication.

You see, the inconjunct aspect is considered a karmic one. As Mars and the Lights are in opposition to Chiron in Aries, and Mercury is retrograde in the sign of relationships, the sudden enlightenment caused by Uranus inconjunct, the new perception I mentioned earlier – this redefinition of relationships and attitudes, can be easily be expressed towards persons of our past in an attempt to close karmic cycles and find peace and tranquillity.

Any such past person contact will be temporary and short-lived, because it is caused by Uranus and because Venus, the planet ruling the New Moon, is conjunct the South Node and is Scorpio in an anaretic degree. Simply calling us to make one last, soul-searching, contact, prior we move forward towards the new, with optimism and enthusiasm.


Moving Forward

And forward we shall move after the tantrums, tensions and mental flash of this New Moon, since:

  • Pluto turns direct a few hours after the New Moon, thus completing months of psychological excavation and psychological cleansing,
  • Venus enters Sagittarius a day later, and we begin to relate more freely and casually,
  • Saturn also turns direct on October 11, supporting developments and diligence
  • and Jupiter and Mercury turn also direct on October 18, accelerating our moving forward with optimism.


I wish you to all to make the best use of this beautiful New Moon !!

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