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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis


” Lotus flowers bloom on the Lake. The water reflects the moonlight as it waxes. The girl has a dream and wakes up happy.” – Haiku No. 19


A particularly positive New Moon takes place on September 7th this at 14°38′ in the Virgo sign.

This is a New Moon which acts like a spark of excitement and will make us feel good.

A moon that is ideal to setting new goals, and to then act and move towards them, filled with enthusiasm and stepping on our commitment to accomplish the goal, the ideal, or the idea we want to serve.

Every New Moon is a beginning. It is the perfect opportunity to set our intentions to the universe and plant the seed for the true manifestation of our intention.

A New Moon in Virgo favors beginnings in practical matters and, corresponding to the House in which it falls in your personal horoscope. It could for example, signal new opportunities in professional matters, good news on health issues, or positive decisions related to settling unfinished business that are now being taken after previous judgment and evaluation.

It is a New Moon ideal for getting back in balance with your center. To light aromatic sticks and to visualize positively.

Virgo is the Sign of humility, critical thinking, discernment, and also a Sign of cleansing. The New Moon in this Sign always works cathartically, removing emotional baggage of the previous period, and toxicities within us.

This particular New Moon is amazingly renewing, since the two lights are in trine with the planet Uranus. It renews “Soul and Spirit”.

It causes realizations and clearings in relationships and emotions. Releases us from our selfish musings and the intense emotions that have been polarized within us lately and have tired us physically and psychologically.

This trine brings us in touch with our inner truth. It is the completion of realizations regarding what our true desires are, and what our soul longs for.

We are now ready and clear to move towards the goals we desire, whether they are practical or day-to-day issues, whether they are professional or family issues, partnerships… or most importantly issues relating to our emotional relationships with significant others.

Think of this New Moon as a very good meditation which at its end brings renewal to your body and clarity to your mind.

A sign that this New Moon is working for you and affecting you is that you will be feeling a sense of humility in the next days or a tendency to serve something with dedication, both characteristics of the energy this lunation has.

It’s not just the trine of Uranus with the lights, and the fact that the New Moon is in the sign of Virgo, that give this Moon such a clear, crystalline and healthful energy.

Every planet on this New Moon is making positive aspect!

Along with the New Moon trine to Uranus, we also have Mercury from Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius.

An aspect that acts as a helper to the intentions and new realizations that this New Moon brings, since it brings stability to new ideas, responsibility and conciliatory communication, favors conversations that lay new foundations in relationships and partnerships, and paves the way to the future based on a shared vision. Contracts, start-ups, partnerships, purchases and promotional and advertising activities are favoured, since Mercury is also the ruler of the New Moon.

At the same time, the planet Mars finally forms, after a long time, an extremely powerful trine aspect to Pluto. As if to tell you that it’s now time for practical action! It is the time for determination!

The next few days are the best time to set our plans and aspirations in motion. Practical, organized and purposeful action. It is most importantly an aspect that best manifests our psychological strength reserves and our commitment to higher goals and objectives, and guarantees success.

You see… there are two other aspects associated with the Mars trine to Pluto.

Venus in Libra is also trine Jupiter in Aquarius, and energetically it too brings relationship and balance issues to the forefront. And it brings them in the best way, as with Venus in trine to Jupiter, our love interests are favored, we feel popular, we like ourselves and are liked, and we manifest in the best way what we want and demand from our relationships.

It is an aspect that also favors our finances and money flow and promises abundance and luck, if we humbly, and with dedication, perceive and set in motion the realizations of this New Moon.

Simultaneously with its above trine to Jupiter, Venus is in a square aspect to Pluto. So combined we are talking about new sparks and passion in love affairs, which take a completely NEW and POSITIVE turn in the next two weeks, since Pluto is in a good aspect to Mars, as I already explained, and Venus is in a good aspect to Jupiter.

Nothing is stand-alone in Astrology, and each aspect that occurs contributes energetically to the overall grid of perceptions and consciousness that this New Moon brings.

It is as if this New Moon is calling to you:

“Clear toxicities and emotional baggage, realize what you want and listen to your heart. Meditate. Implement with a strong will. Aim and seize the opportunity. Act on your passion. Act from the center of your goodness.”

This is an amazing Moon that will refresh you if only you listen to its message with humility and a clear conscience. Just trust your intuition and follow the Flow, which has already begun…

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It works positively for all Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn Signs and extremely positively for those of you born in the middle of the second decan of the above Zodiac Signs, or those of you who are having your ascendant or midheaven between the degrees 12°- 17° of the Earth’ Signs.

Also, especially positive for Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer, again having the above characteristics in decan and degrees.

It also works extremely positively for love and finance for the Air Signs (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini), and especially for those of you born in the middle of the third decan of these signs or for those of you who are having your ascendant or midheaven between the degrees 22°-26° of the Air Signs.

Also, especially positive for Aries, Leos and Sagittarians who have the above characteristics in decan and degrees.


The Lotus is blooming… I wish all of you to make the best use of this beautiful New Moon, and good luck!!!


Request your Astrology Reading with Andrew Ifandis

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