FULL MOON IN ARIES – 1 OCTOBER 2020: Wounded Moon

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The Full Moon takes place at 09°08′ of the Sign of Aries. It opens wounds for Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn persons,  who are born in the last days of the first decan, or in the first days of the second decan, as well as to those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 07° – 11° degrees.

It also brings upset and crisis to Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn persons of the third decan and especially those that have personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 22° – 26° degrees of the above Signs, since they are under the pressure of Mars squares to Saturn and Pluto.

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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis


The Full Moon in Aries, at midnight on October 1st, invites us to face our wounds and to be healed psychologically.

It is a Moon that brings emphasis to our relationships. On the one hand we feel the need to express our individuality and truth, without compromises, simply, clearly, and straightforwardly, and on the other hand we know that doing this may cause friction, upset the balance in our personal or professional relationships, and result in anguish.

It is a Full Moon that makes us see clearly that up to now we have put quite enough water in our wine by accepting behaviors and situations from others, just for the sake of avoiding the inevitable and at the expense of our own self-expression.

Under the influence of this Full Moon that is exactly that is paramount. To reach a healthy expression of our ego and our individuality that serves our relations.

A few days before the Full Moon and for the next two weeks, we are also called to see how vulnerable we are. We are called to face past feelings of inadequacy and our inability to assert and surpass ourselves.

Let us look our limitations face to face and put aside our pretexts. Now is the time, the pressure and the sorrow that we have felt until today, and all that scratched wounds of the past, to finally come to a halt.

Healthy relationships need truth and equality. The “I” and the “We” to move forward together, and that to be something that both sides seek and try.

So, let’s explain to others WHAT it is that hurts us, and WHY it hurts us.

But is that easy? Showing how vulnerable we are is a two-sided coin.


The Moon is in Aries and this position makes it dynamic – aggressive, and always ready for arguments. So the danger exists to easily color our deepest and most repressed emotions with competition or even anger. The Aries’ impulsive way is not the best way to show how we feel, especially now, when the intensity of emotions under the influence of this Full Moon is even greater.

You see, this Full Moon in Aries, in addition to pain and inadequacy is also full of accumulated anger, tension and psychological outbursts, as Mars moving retrograde forms squares to Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn – resulting in the very thing that we want to avoid if we do not put effort… and this is real hell!

So, beware of anger because balance is difficult to maintain.

But explaining how we feel and why we feel it remains essentially important. While this may create additional problems and quarrels – as the other person may react defensively, or even aggressively, to what he hears, on the other hand… it may be necessary to provoke the clash.

Necessary because the dilemma of separation and backlash that the quincunx aspect of the Sun to Uranus means to both persons in the union, a way out has to be found.

The positive aspects between Mars, Venus and the Lunar Nodes -aspects that connect the two rulers of the Lights in a karmic pattern that can evolve us, are the aspects that can works towards something good to emerge through the conflict and the tension. They may show how we will be able to finally find a way out. A way out that will come ONLY IF the two “I’s” in the relationship work in a spirit of cooperation and harmony.

This Full Moon in Aries hides enormous intensity. But behind this tension lies also the power that it has either to bring closure to our wounds, or to liberate us by moving us forward.

The aim of this Full Moon in Aries is not to avoid clash and confrontation. Its goal is to ooze the pus out from the wound, clean it, and heal it.

And this will happen, if we first we ourselves accept our wounds, understand them, and then share them with our loved ones. Share them NOT to blame them for them, but instead to ask them… to heal us.

On a cosmic level it is needless to say that it will be a very difficult full moon which will unfortunately make matters even more difficult as the pressure grows between the need for self-protection (Moon in Aries meeting with Chiron), social distancing and security (Sun in Libra cross with Uranus in Taurus) and the imposition of more strict measures or even quarantines (Mars square with Saturn).

Read more about the difficult period we are going through in my article entitled “The Perfect Storm”.


In any case, I wish you all a good Full Moon and to be full of health.

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