FULL MOON IN ARIES 13 OCTOBER 2019: Stories for Intrepid Girls

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The Full Moon takes place at 20°13’ of the Sign of Aries. It mainly brings upset and crisis to Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn persons,  who are born in the last days of the second decan, or in the first days of the third decan, as well as to those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 18° – 22° degrees.

It also affects Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius persons who are born within the first days of their Sign, as well as to those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 04° – 05° degrees of the Signs mentioned, since they are under parallel pressure from the Venus – Uranus opposition.

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A Full Moon that brings repressed feelings to the surface and shakes relationships, is taking place on the night of the 13th of October.

Full Moons are always a beautiful spectacle. The disk of the Moon hovers majestically lit, amidst the darker sea of the sky, gleaming in white marble hues, and stirring awe inside us.

In Astrology a Full Moon’s energy may be more difficult or more easy. This happens because a Full Moon usually marks a peak of sentiments that comes within the contrasting energies of the Sun and the Moon. So the outcome becomes more harmonious or more dynamic, depending on which aspects are formed at the time of the Full Moon’s occurrence.

The case with this Full Moon in Aries is that it is a great amplifier of emotions.

With the Moon in the Sign of Aries, we may feel the impulse of the soul to act. It may be as if a spring of emotions that are overwhelming need to be expressed.




The headlong way of the Aries is not the best way to express how we feel during this particular Full Moon. And this is because, under the intensity of planet Pluto that is making a T-Square with the Two Lights, all hell may break loose.

You see, this Full Moon happens on the axis of Aries – Libra that relates to finding a balance between ourselves and the others.

This is the relationship axis in astrology, and in this particular case, there is a high pressure as the two lights are both steeped in the Plutonian Energy. With this Full Moon in Aries, we may feel as if somehow a dark veil has fallen on our psyche, a cloth covering smothering desires.

The Moon is in Aries and this place makes her power – aggressive, and argumentative. It is very easy that we color our deep and repressed feelings with antagonism or even anger.

Watch out for anger.

Psychological urges for power and control may also arise in relationships.

It becomes difficult to maintain the balance.

It is now the time for the root causes, the dark emotions, and the psychological power plays to come to the front.

Instinctual moods, possessiveness, jealousy.

Resisting “the YOU in ME”,

We watch the power plays of a couple performing in a lavishly decorated room that contrasts the emotional pressure that is felt.

This is just a piece of the couple’s dialogue:

“Neither of us wants to mature. That’s the reason we fight and torment each other and cry. Neither of us wants to grow up.”

– Ingmar Bergman, From the Life of the Marionettes.




In this dark scenery, another aspect is added.

Some 23 hours before the Full Moon, Venus has made an exact opposition with Planet Uranus.

Venus is already colored by the Scorpionic energy since it has entered the Sign of Scorpio on the 8th of October.

How we relate, what we like, our desires, are now within an environment of intense emotions, that either suffocate the gentler expression of the planet or on the contrary intensify its dark side, dragging us into taboo zones.

And here is where the planet Uranus comes in, as Venus is in opposition with it.

Those who are single seek intense and unconventional pleasure, while those that feel pressured in their relationship are very unpleased.

The singles become obsessive for the excitement that cannot last, and those in relations are in need of “fresh air” out from the dark scenery, but change does not come easily.

“Neither of us wants to mature. Neither of us wants to grow up.”

In the echo of this line that is heard in the background, lies the lesson of the combined energy that Uranus and Pluto bring under this grey Full Moon.

This is a period of transformation. Deep buried aspects of our personality and desires which are illuminated with this Full Moon have to be addressed both solo and together.

This is a period of awakening. An awakening to a more genuine expression of ourselves that will either help or will eventually end, not only those relationships that are possessive and make us feel being non-free, but also those relationships, that although they do not belong to the previous category, on the other hand, do not allow openness, permissiveness and a healthy exchange in opinions and desires.

This is where the path that leads away from the journey into the underworld lies. We may use this crisis to evolve into the relationship. Το Grow Up. Το Mature.

This is the lesson of this Moon, for Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn persons born in the last days of the second decan and in the first days of the third decan.

This is the lesson for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius persons, born in the first days of their Signs.

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P.S. There are some helping aspects in this Full Moon.

One is the trine-sextile aspects that the two lights make with planet Jupiter, in a wedge formation that aids the tension.

The second is the magnificent trine that Mercury in Scorpio makes to Neptune in Pisces.

These aspects bring warm feelings, gentleness, generosity, openness, honesty, inspired thinking and spirituality, and they do work very positively for Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo, and Taurus persons, of the middle second decan and the first days of the third decan.

But in my humble opinion, these aspects cannot balance the amplified intensity that this Full Moon is having for the Signs of the Cardinal Cross and the Fixed Signs of the first days.

This may be for the better…

Sometimes the shedding the old skin and the transforming into our new selves, worths all the pain that may come as a consequence of this very process of transformation.

Embrace the potential for transformation that this Full Moon holds, by confronting fearlessly everyone that oppresses or possesses you.

Do not fret and do not compromise!

But dear girls, do not forget first and foremost to confront fearlessly, the dark side of yourselves.

Fight it, and come out as winners.

The true Moon in Aries, Amazon style.

You know. 😉


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