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The Full Moon takes place at 27°28′ of the Gemini Sign and will mainly affect Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces, who were born in the last five days of their Sign, but also those of you who have personal planets or angles of your horoscope near the degrees 25°-29° of the Mutable Cross.

The Full Moon works ESPECIALLY positively for Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Leo Signs, born in the last five days of their sign, but also for those of you who have personal planets or angles of your horoscope between the degrees 26°-29°59′ of the above Signs.


From Astrologer Andrew Ifandis

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A full moon on the Gemini – Sagittarius axis takes place on December 18th or the 19th, depending on where you are in the world.

It is the last full moon of 2021 and under its marble, icy but also jewel-like light, emotional and mental processes that have begun recently and especially from December 4 until today culminate.

The energy of this full moon in Gemini is positive, clear and clean. Before, during, and for the two weeks after the Full Moon, it will be like a light gradually grows and clears away confusing and foggy situations.

It is a moon that brings mental overstimulation and stirs up thoughts and concerns, but the whole process in the mind is completed in the best way, since in the end it results in essence and substance.

It is precisely through our personal reflections or through conversations with significant people in our lives that we come to beneficial conclusions.

It does bring a high point of emotions, but this high point results in clarity and redemption, and this is because this moon is characterized by a positive detachment from dramatic emotionalism.

In the positive and almost precise aspects it makes with Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius, it does not exaggerate situations, it does not bring excessive emotions but instead carries objectivity and composure.

It helps us to devise solutions, to discern opportunities, to see our emotions rationally. It clears the fog and most importantly we at last cease to vacillate between choices and we now proceed on the basis of our truth and what suits us best and sets us free.

It is a beautiful moon that opens our eyes and illuminates our inner truths and marks a great time to make decisions as it will become increasingly clearer now what it is that the heart is longing for.

This Full Moon also emphasizes self-confidence. It also brings a good mood and well-being. We get a little more philosophical about things, but it also makes us more optimistic.

It can work particularly positively, even bringing luck to those of you who have personal planets near the 28° degree of the signs of Aquarius, Gemini or Libra, or in the signs of Leo or Aries.

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This moon is also very helpful in moving forward and unwinding relationships that have been difficult or tiring for you lately, as with all the mental clearing and positive energy it has, it forms the best framework for these to move forward again.

The universe helps in this as in the days following the Full Moon, Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto, combined with the nice trines that Mercury from Capricorn will make to Uranus in Taurus, and Mars from Sagittarius to the direct Chiron in Aries, are the beginnings of a proper introspection which can deliver renewal and healing.

Yes, for those of you who belong to the Earth signs and have personal planets near 26° degrees it is just that. The inconjunct aspects that Venus and Pluto are making to the Moon bring exactly this need to redefine but also make breakthroughs in the ways you relate so that renewal can come, or else you are headed for a closing of one’s cycle.

Some key phrases for the Full Moon:

  • Culminating decisions on matters having to do with education, transportation, travel, book publishing, website launch, seminars.
  • Time for fruitful thoughts and clear conclusions as psychological and emotional fogs clear.
  • It’s a good time to move forward with relationships that have struggled under the weight of the eclipses that preceded them.

I wish you all to have a beautiful Full Moon, and to have a great time during the festive days ahead!

Astrologer Andrew Ifandis

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