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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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The Full Moon in Libra on the 16th of April is clearly a moon that affects, influences, brings to a critical point and redefines or ends relationships.

It occurs in a mix of positive as well as intensely difficult aspects and so works completely differently based on the point at which it falls in your chart.

Why is this Full Moon a bit more about our relationships than others?

In astrology, every full moon is an act of balance.

It is the culmination of a process that begins with the New Moon and culminates with the Full Moon.

During the full moon period our needs are experienced more acutely and come to the fore in the light of the Sun. The challenge is to bring together what we need with our desires.

We are therefore challenged with this Full Moon to create a balance on the Libra – Aries axis. This is the very axis of relationships in Astrology, since Aries is associated to the self and Libra with togetherness.

With the Moon in the Sign of Libra we try to reconcile our emotions, and find harmonious balances in how we interact with others around us.

Directly opposite her, the Sun in Aries, our conscious self, projects our individuality into these emotions and vigorously advocates an “I” greater than the “We”.

With this Full Moon in Libra on April the 16th, balancing this pressure is something that demands a lot of work!

It requires painful dissections and looking in depth at relationship issues that have been hidden for quite some time. Issues that are now coming to the surface and calling us to see our own “Shadow”.

We need to work on our darker sides. To face head on our own conditioning, jealousy, manipulation, power plays and cruelty.

Our own dark moons of Pluto. The snakes that are slithering in the coveted Garden of Eden that we dream of for ourselves and our loved ones.

This is the T-Square that Pluto makes with the Full Moon and ONLY if we cast the Light of self-analysis on our Shadows can we emerge from the darkness, empowered and with relationships renewed.

This would be difficult to achieve especially for Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorns born in the last five days of their Sign and who are receiving most of the pressure.

The Full Moon occurs four days after the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces. The Moon in Libra, in 150° degrees aspect to this conjunction, raises the very question of how we can again find inspiration and share a common dream with our partner, without losing ourselves at the same time.

Will we make it or will we sever the relationship permanently?

And Time – Saturn…

on one side comes to help, as it brings responsibility, accountability and truth in expressing our feelings when we have those important conversations.

But on the other side it brings, the burden of choice to ALL of us  as it will be squaring the Nodes of the Moon until late Fall, calling us to take our destiny into our own hands!

Take your time… think hard…

Speak your truth if tensions and discussions with your other half arise under this Moon.

Hopefully Mercury in conjunction to Uranus forms a very favorable sextile to Venus, and so conversations between you and your partner are favoured.

For those of you that are single, this Full Moon will stir up strong feelings of loneliness and the need to be in a relationship. It will leave a bittersweet feeling that something needs to change within you in how you approach and what you seek from a relationship.

It will be something like a psychoanalysis into the loneliness of longing for connection…

…and the shadows will be flickering on the wall of self-protection one erects when one is simply afraid to see oneself through the mirror of another’s eyes.

On a more positive note, the sextile that Uranus and Mercury make to Venus may, for those of you who single, provide opportunities for flirting and new acquaintances. Especially if you have personal planets at 11°- 14° degrees of Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer, Leo, Aquarius.

This is a difficult Full Moon at the outset, but it will work supportively in the end I would like to believe. And that is because in yet another positive aspect, the two Lights, a few days after the Full Moon, will make beautiful aspects with Mars.

The Sun sextile to Mars, and the Moon trine to Mars, and so will be channelling the initial pressure of this Moon into decisions made mutually, into taking action, into refreshed vitality, or simply… into pure sexual passion!

I wish you all to manage the particularly intense energy of this Full Moon in Libra in the best possible way. To make the necessary incisions and to take the best possible decisions, for yourself first of all!

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