FULL MOON IN LIBRA – 31 MARCH 2018: Countdown to Explosion

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Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon takes place at 10° 44’ of the Sign of Libra. It strongly affects Aries, Libra and Capricorn Signs, as well as Cancer Signs, which are born near the end of the 1st decan or near the start of the 2nd decan, as well as those having personal planets or their Ascendant near the degrees 7°- 12° of the Cardinal cross.


The French poet Arthur Rimbaud has a dramatic and intense line in one of his most famous poems, the one entitled “The Drunken Boat”. The line sounds ominous and reads:

“Every moon is atrocious and every sun bitter.”

This line, emotionally charged but beautiful at the same time, can be seen as the key phrase that describes the Full Moon in Libra that takes place on March the 31st. It is an intense, dramatic and climactic Full Moon that will be a test for us and for our relationships, and may leave a bitter taste in our mouth.


In Astrology, each Full Moon is an act of balance. A culmination of a process that starts with the New Moon and leads up to a check in development. It is a time when our needs are felt intensely and are brought to the fore under the light of the Sun.  An integration between what we need and what we want is the challenge.

This Full Moon occurs in the Sign of Libra. We try to rationalize our emotions and balance how we interact with others. Exactly opposite, the Sun, our conscious self, projects our ego onto these emotions and asserts “Me” versus “We”.

This act of balance may have been easier to achieve in the past, when similar Full Moons were happening on this same axis of Libra – Aries. But now, with this specific Full Moon in Libra, to be able to balance the increasing pressure it is something that really requires tremendous skills.

Full Moon in Libra 2018

This Full Moon takes place within a set of dynamic aspects with nearly no outlet for the tension to ease. Since it concerns relationships, and strongly affects our interactions with others, this is a Full Moon that throws relations “into the furious lashing of the tides”, to use one more poetic image from Rimbaud’s poem.


Mercury is retrograde in Aries and conjunct with the Sun. Misunderstandings and a proneness to quarrel is the mode of operation of Mercury when the planet is Retrograde in Aries. Speech becomes acrimonious within the hot-tempered Sign of Aries and the mind though acute is restless.  This negative mindset is fueled by the Sun’s excessive pride in the Sign of its exaltation.

At the same time our emotions cannot be put to words and all this tension is projected onto important others, friends, lovers, collaborators.

As if these were not enough, the Full Moon axis is making a tough T-Square formation with Mars and Saturn, as Mars the planet of war and aggression approaches Saturn on the 8th degree of the Sign of Capricorn.

Focused action to achieve our goals becomes inhibited and frustration builds up.

Mars is also out of bounds and this means that the aggressive qualities of the planet will be uncontrolled.

This explosive combination of the two malefics in their Signs of Exaltation and Rulership respectively, could be handled, if it were not for the T-Square. T- Squares are not easy to handle and especially when, as is the case with this T – Square, the formation takes place within Cardinal Signs, something that means that the tension will be resolved through action, with passion and with impulsive self-expression.

The countdown to explosion goes like this:

  • Mercury retrograde already hazy with unexpressed emotions squares Saturn. Thoughts become darker and pessimistic. Bad News.
  • Mercury squares Mars: We want to yell and shout. Hard words, harsh words. Impatient talks and rushed thoughts. Disagreements and angered communication.
  • Moon squares Mars: Easily heart feelings. Hot tempered emotions. Impulsive actions as a result of pent-up emotions.
  • Moon squares Saturn: Mood is down, feeling loathsome and lonesome.
  • Sun squares Saturn: Ego clashes authority figures. Lawlessness and impatience. A test of our will to compromise.
  • Sun squares Mars: Act impulsively, assert your ego ten times more than necessary, outburst of energy and aggression.

No need to say more… you get the general idea.

All relationships will be put to a stress-test during this Full Moon. It will be very difficult for anyone to be able to balance all this pressure and not to burst out towards one extreme. Emotional or Egotistical.

Try to stay calm and cool-headed.

Also beware of accidents because this tension will find a way to externalize itself with every means possible.

I wish everyone to steer harmless through the tempest of this Full Moon and as another line of Rimbaud’s poem reads, I wish everyone blessed with sea awakening, lighter than cork, to dance the waves”.


Find out where the Full Moon falls in your chart

and heed its warning.




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