FULL MOON IN PISCES – 26 AUGUST 2018: True to You

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Full Moon in Pisces 26 August 2018

The Full Moon takes place at 03°and 12’ of the Sign of Pisces. It strongly affects Pisces and Virgo Signs and also Gemini and Sagittarius Signs which are born in the first decan, as well as those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 01° -05° degrees of the Mutable Cross. The energy of this Full Moon in Pisces is also channeled to the Earth Signs and affects Taurus and Capricorn Signs born near the first days.


A beneficial full moon takes place on August the 26th.

It is a full moon that soothes us after the difficult eclipses that have preceded it, refreshing our psychic reserves. It presents an ideal opportunity for us to be inspired and to be practical at the same time, setting the bases that will assist us in the next period.

The Moon is in the dreamy and psychic Sign of Pisces and brings to the fore emotions of romantic nostalgia. The soul asks for a fleeing away from the desert of the real, feelings are fluid and the dream of escaping or the need for the osmosis with the transcendental, swell within us.

Opposite, the Sun in the zodiac Sign of Virgo, grounds illusions and seeks something more practical than the cloudy and vague Piscean landscape. It seems as if the Sun is declaring: “Dreams have a tendency of not coming true”. Yes that is true, at least if dreams remain theoretical and are not accompanied by work, meticulous craftsmanship, attention and emphasis in detail.

This contrast between, us serving a vision without losing our faith on the one hand, and being constantly inspired by the tedious reality and avoiding tendencies to flee in the dream-world on the other, is the theme of every Full Moon in Pisces.

Full Moon in Pisces 26 August 2018


With this particular Full Moon on the 26th of August, this balance is easily achieved, since this archetypal contrast, as expressed by the polarity of the Sun and Moon, is the backbone of a very favorable aspect pattern that in astrology is called “Kite”.

Although the chart of this Full Moon in Pisces is actually very complex – since at least four basic aspect patterns can be found within the aspects’ formations, the favorable trines and sextiles that constitute the Kite are dominant making this formation the basic element of our interpretation.

A Grand Trine between the Sun, Saturn and Uranus in the Earth Signs, forms the Kite’s main body.

This trine effortlessly grounds the transcendental idealism of the Moon in Pisces (situated at the tail of the Kite), and sets for us the foundations to materialize our dream in a practical level, as long as we adhere to the following:

We express ourselves by serving (Virgo) our ideal (Pisces), but we do it having complete consciousness (Sun) of what is our personal truth (Uranus), and what is which will make us feel really safe (Sun trine to Uranus in Taurus).

At the same time, we accept, that whichever our own truth is, it entails responsibilities (Saturn).

It is a truth that, in order to serve our dream (Moon in Pisces), should be accompanied by goals (Moon sextile Saturn in Capricorn), allow independent expression (Moon sextile Uranus in Taurus) and most importantly, give us the necessary self-discipline (Sun trine Saturn) to carry out the demands it presents.

An example to illustrate the beneficial effect that this Full Moon can have on a self-discovery level, is that of a married woman who feels the need to escape in a romantic journey with her lover.

The psychological pressure caused by the practical difficulties of making the hidden and craving journey a reality, – since it confronts with the reactions of her husband or of her parents and spoil her dream, is solved, as she faces her own personal truth.

Does she wants to escape just to live an adventure or her personal truth is that she really does not want to be married anymore and the lover is the excuse for the ending her marriage?

Being aware of her truth shows what the next practical steps are.

If it is the first case, means that it would be good for her to accept that all this is just a dream of fleeing and to begin working on her marriage with responsibility and self-discipline, while expressing at the same time her individual nature by claiming her personal space and freedom. (Saturn trine to Uranus as part of the Kite pattern).

If, on the other hand, her truth is the second case, then she must find the self-discipline to communicate how she really feels to spouse and parents and to accept the consequences by divorcing, and fulfilling her dream for a new state of being, free, and responsibly independent.

The above example is of course schematic and in no way encourages anyone to divorce.

It is an example to demonstrate how complex and interrelated processes this Full Moon in Pisces brings. Beginning with the dream and through the formation of the “Kite”, it eventually creates new situations and renews us with responsibility and freedom of action.

This is a Full Moon that is beneficial for all of us, depending on where it falls on our personal horoscope, as it combines,

  • inspiration,
  • vision,
  • a sense of responsibility and
  • awareness of our truth.

Full Moon in Pisces 26 August 2018

In addition to the Kite aspect pattern, the dreamy trine between Jupiter and Neptune and the square aspect between Venus and Pluto, give even more emotional depth to this full moon.

The square aspect between Venus and Pluto will bring to the surface psychological tensions that will eventually prove liberating, as with the trine of Jupiter to Neptune, the very possibility of our dream becoming a reality, will fill our lives us with meaning.


This is a strongly emotional Full Moon in Pisces, which combines the elements of Earth and Water in the best possible way.

It is sensitive and dreamy, and still, it is simultaneously the appropriate time for us to work out in a practical manner, our relationships, our partnerships, our aspirations and our dreams.


I wish to everyone a fulfilling Full Moon in Pisces.


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