FULL MOON IN TAURUS – 4 NOVEMBER 2017: You deserve to enjoy yourselves

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Full Moon in Taurus 2017

A beautiful Full Moon in Taurus takes place on November 4th  and reminds us of a lesson that we may have forgotten.

The question that surrounds every full moon in Taurus concerns a balance. The balance between the security we feel that we are getting from our relationships with important others on one hand, and the deeper emotional contact we really do share with them, on the other.

We want and seek physical as well as emotional security from our important relationships.

I + Υou = We share, we enjoy and we’ re building something together. But in order for this equation to be correct, it should not only measure the material security but the emotional as well, nor should it be just a ledger of what we give and what we take on the emotional level.

This equation between us and the others has as its purpose to build a deeper union, a sharing, and ultimately what we experience has to result in transcending both us and the others through mutual reliance and trust.

Even if we are single, the concern of this full moon concerns the very value we feel that we have by ourselves. How self-sufficient we feel on our own or if, on the contrary, we need our value to be given to us by someone else.

The aspects of this full moon work magically for our relationships, and the full moon’s energy solves the above-mentioned concerns in the best possible way. Whether we are alone, or in a relationship, whether it is a friendly or another important relationship, the startle that we shall feel by looking at the bright round moon in the sky, will eventually work positively for us. Full Moon in Taurus 2017 chart

This moon fulfils us emotionally. It elicits dream, imagination, romance and idealism. It sustains deep and strong emotions. It favors passion and expression of trust. It is a moon that has optimism.

We shall feel strong and we will be willing to share. The full moon in Taurus will make us strong even if we are single. It will make us feel and know what we really deserve. This full moon gives us a vision. It uplifts and inspires us.

Even for relationships that need renewal, relationships in which the need for more freedom of expression is an issue, the full moon of November 4th is a positive catalyst. It brings patience, persistence, sensitivity and the necessary perception, so that we may communicate more deeply and make our relationship to be bonded more.

It is a Full Moon with an intense dream of oneness that makes us feel good and confident with ourselves and so, as a result, we will feel well and be well with others.

All these are not mere chance but the result of the renewing wind that has started with the New Moon in Libra and is now culminating with this Full Moon.

Until the next New Moon in Scorpio, enjoy the view of the moon and, above all, enjoy yourselves because you mostly deserve it.


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