FULL MOON IN VIRGO – 2 MARCH 2018: Serving the Ideal

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Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon takes place at 11° 22’ of the Sign of Virgo. It strongly affects Virgo and Pisces Signs and also Gemini and Sagittarius Signs, which are born near the end of the 1st decan or near the start of the 2nd decan, as well as those having personal planets or their Ascendant near the degrees 9°- 13° of the mutable cross.


The full moon at Virgo takes place on the night of March the 1st, with the two Lights in full opposition at 00:51 into March the 2nd.

If we take a glance on the chart of the Full Moon, the first thing that impresses us is that the Moon stands on her own within the Sign of Virgo.

A Virgo Moon is a Moon that makes us want to analyze how we feel. Sentiments pass through the sieve, everything is categorized and scrutinized. Every need is rationalized and analyzed. We do this, not in an attempt to deny and distance ourselves from our emotions, but instead in an attempt to find out, how what is that we feel, can also serve us on a practical level.

This is the modus operandi of the Moon in the Sign of Virgo. She is a woman in the loom that her need for warmth makes her act by weaving meticulously a layer to cover the bare floor.

Opposite the Moon, within the infinite vastness of the Sign of Pisces, Sun and Neptune are in conjunction. The ultimate ideal. The methexis of existence with the Dionysian element. Dream and creativity, imagination and drunkenness, idealization and transcendence of the Ego. Excessive idealism and deceptive feelings or illusions, tendencies to flee reality.

This very contrast between the earthly and the spiritual, between serving the reality and escaping from it, is what this Full Moon brings into the foreground.

A contrast that is even more pronounced with this Full Moon, since, beside the Sun and Neptune in the Sign of Pisces, two more planets, Mercury and Aphrodite and the Centaur Chiron, are there also.

Mercury from Pisces has an important astrological role in this Full Moon since it rules the Moon in Virgo and thus directly affecting our emotional response to the lunar energy.

The planet’s close conjunction aspect with Venus and the wider one with Chiron has as affect the transforming of the analytical and meticulous mental categorization of our emotions into a more abstract process. Sentiments reach for the romantic ideal, words are incantations that heal, and we want to express ourselves artistically and creatively.

Jupiter from Scorpio is making a trine aspect to Mercury, Venus, and Chiron, magnifying the transcendent element of the moment and at the same time giving a moral weight to our thoughts and desires.

So, on the one hand, we have our everyday needs, which we are called upon to find the means to cover, and on the other hand we want the unattainable and the ideal. We may be seeking the ideal love or the ideal job. The realization of our own personal vision. We want to communicate and share affection in a relationship without keeping it only in order to cover us on practical issues.

We like to express what it is we like and not only what it is correct. We need to create while working and not to mechanically reproduce details lost in the triviality of everydayness.

This Full Moon awakens intense feelings in us and makes us nervous because it invite us to find the way to serve the ideal.

The “Ideal” love is a love where we learn to serve.

The “Ideal” work does not exist but nonetheless we can work towards our personal vision without depriving ourselves of the means to make a living.

“Dreamlike” relationships do not exist but every proper relationship must have truth, morality and inspire us both mentally and practically.



The concerns raised by this Full Moon in Virgo are similar to those of an artist trying to reconcile what he conceives as ideal with the very labour and the detailed work that he has to do to transform this ideal into a practical and tangible work of art.

Andrei Tarkovsky writes:

“…art must carry man’s craving for the ideal, must be an expression of his reaching out towards it; that art must give man hope and faith.”

But every great artist, in order to bring the ideal to the real world, has worked hard, meticulously and analytically, and expressed what he felt in a practical and simple way, weaving feelings in the loom of his art, just as this Full Moon in Virgo does.

Find out where the Full Moon falls in your chart

and heed its message.



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