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By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis

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The New Moon takes place at 09°03′ of the Gemini Sign and is Positive for everyone, but a little more for ARIES, GEMINI, LEO, LIBRA, SAGITTARIUS, and AQUARIUS persons born in the last days of the first decanate.

Also to those of you who have personal planets or angles in your Horoscope near the degrees 7°-11° of the above Zodiac signs.

It requires prudence with no rush and no risks, for TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO and AQUARIUS persons, born in the middle of the third decanate, or for those of you who have personal planets or angles in your Horoscope, near the degrees 25°-27° of the above Zodiac signs.

This Moon in Gemini is pristine, it’s intact, it’s clear. It is completely pure in its energy and while it is quiet, it is simultaneously very vocal and has a clear message.

This ambiguity and ambivalence, which characterizes this New Moon, is fitting for the sign of Gemini (!) in which it takes place and comes as a result of several astrological elements.

The main and MOST special feature of this New Moon in Gemini is that, if we look at the chart, no significant aspects are formed to the Two Lights (the Sun and the Moon).

This means that the Moon’s energy is TRANSPARENT and INDEPENDENT from any of the other planets.

From the sign of Gemini, it is an energy that brings a clear awareness. It is a Crystal Conception. It is virgin ideas and clear emotions ready to be communicated.





It’s a Moon that forms a new way of perceiving in the sector of your horoscope that applies, and it marks the beginning of a new cycle of communicating with significant others.

All this fresh and pure energy exists because of other astrological factors as well.

This is the first New Moon since the eclipses and also the first New Moon in quite some time where the two Lights have finally escaped from all the other planets, which are located between Capricorn and Taurus.

It’s as if the Sun and Moon are coming out of the enclosure, and are finally free to be in Gemini the sign of communication and expression, at last being able to say something they have long been hiding, working on, or afraid to say.

And look they stand upon the degree of a very powerful and generally favorable star, Aldebaran, one of the fifteen Behenian Stars, one of the four Royal .

Aldebaran is associated with the energy of Mars and the Archangel Michael and according to astrological theory it brings intelligence, fame, glory, dignity, courage, honours and riches although due to its dynamic nature, it requires prudence in order that they last.


The New Moon occurs in tandem with Jupiter’s very energetic conjunction with Mars in Aries.

A conjunction ideal for new beginnings, for courage, for initiative, for determination and victories!

A conjunction that as it also magnifies the negative qualities of Mars might also mean easiness for anger, belligerence, making us reckless, brash, or even quick to take excessive risks.

But notice how the energy of the conjunction matches the description for the fixed star Aldebaran.

They are both energies of glorious, dynamic beginnings, of initiative, still both needing caution and thoughtfulness.

And this is where the position of Mercury, which is also the ruler of this New Moon, comes in and matches the above perfectly.

Retrograde in Taurus and on the degree of the lunar eclipse of May 16, it again confronts us with the issues that arose with this eclipse.

And being retrograde, Mercury also warns us to be cautious, prudent, and to weigh situations well. Especially since Mercury is on the fixed star Algol and activates another eclipse, that of November 19, 2021!

How much power is hidden in this New Moon! It’s a crystal Talisman.


To sum up.

We have a New Moon that has a clear message, which can be intuitive. A message arriving out of nowhere and heard within us as a voice, as a flash of awareness.

The message, awareness, or new thing that this New Moon brings clearly has the quality of advancement and renewal.

The energy of something new is intense, clear and charged with freshness. This New Moon has the potential to bring about results as well as success, since it has the ” blessings” and the favor from Aldebaran, but also the drive and the momentum of the Jupiter-Mars conjunction.

So something is starting to happen after the eclipses, but it still needs attention and caution because while Mercury remains retrograde, the internal revisions we are making are not yet fully completed, or there are delays due to external factors.

That is until the inertia and clinginess of Mercury retrograde from Taurus is over, and the versatility of thinking is back when Mercury in Gemini is again in direct motion.

Something that will happen with the next Full Moon!

That’s where things will finally start to get rolling.

That’s why this New Moon in Gemini is a contradiction like all Geminis, as it is full of dynamic energy without being a start right away.

Imagine that she has the energy that a 100 meter runner has as he stands on the track, ready to hear the gun go off to start the race, whilst being careful not to make an invalid start.


So it’s a positive New Moon, with which we receive the seed of awareness, an epiphany, a realization, or merely getting ready to make a great and important start.

A beginning free of other interference.

Yes, under this New Moon each and every one of you is becoming a Crystal Message yourselves!

Ready now to vibrate with your very essence!

And as long as your Essence is clear… every beginning will be successful!


Good start to all of you!


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