PISCES NEW MOON – 17 MARCH 2018: Faith & Conviction

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Pisces New Moon 17 March 2018

The New Moon takes place in 26°and 53’of the Sign of Pisces. It strongly affects Virgo and Pisces Signs and also Gemini and Sagittarius Signs which are born towards the end of the third decan, as well as those having personal planets or their Ascendant near the 24° -28° degrees of the mutable cross.


Each New Moon is a beginning. A moment in the cosmic time where the conscious and the unconscious merge together, and this momentary unity becomes the perfect timing for us to align our needs with our will.

This New Moon falls in the Sign of Pisces. Within here, needs are transcendental and “to be” is “to dream”. It is a New Moon that carries themes of ideal love, poetry, compassion, fantasy, martyrdom and sacrifice, all characteristics of the mutable water Sign.

It is a New Moon that wants to answer the dilemma posed by the Full Moon in Virgo that took place in March the 2nd. How we serve the ideal and be practical at the same time?  How we work so as to make the ideal a realization?

At first glance, it seems easy to believe in ideals and to hold on to dreams, as the conjunction of Sun and Moon in Pisces inspires our heart and soul. To be inspired is the first step towards making something true and this New Moon sets in gentle motion, gentle emotions.

At the same time Mars from Sagittarius is in a square aspect to both the Sun and the Moon. Let’s ponder for a moment…

Do we rush to realize what we want? Are we competing ourselves or others undeservedly? Or is it maybe that we feel that we have to spontaneously act (Mars in Sagittarius) instead of passively listening to our intuitive inner voice (Moon in Pisces)?

Pisces New Moon

Chiron close by the two Lights at 28°, is emphasizing on the martyred Piscean motive but its influence is one of healing for ourselves and significant others.

Chiron may work miracles as an instrument of healing by us expressing through art, or by letting our senses absorb art, poetry and music. More importantly, healing comes by showing to others our intensely felt compassion. All these are qualities that may very easily manifest in our psyche under this Piscean New Moon.

There is a reason why we are feeling the influence of Chiron in a positive manner, though Chiron makes a hard aspect to Mars.

The square aspect uncovers our insecurity and may bring a remembrance of inadequacy. This disillusioning may result in a temporary lack of our conviction. But as this is a separating aspect, with Mars moving away from the Centaur, so the whole Mars influence is lessened to quite an extent.

At the same time, Jupiter in its retrograde motion through the Sign of Scorpio, is approaching the Lunation and the Centaur, making a trine aspect to all three bodies and in this way it amplifies Chiron’s healing qualities.

The combined result of all these aspects taken together, is that as the Lunation dream begins to manifest, as our hopes begin to arise, as we feel inspired and compassionate, some feelings of restlessness, a sense of us not being able to cope with the situation may appear.

Jupiter in its retrograde motion makes us reconsider our core values and questions our ethical stance.

But Jupiter the great benefic brings us wisdom in the guise of a warning.

Only by delving deep into our incentives (Jupiter in Scorpio retrograde) and by remaining true to our ideal, it is that we will surpass any inadequacies and then the inflow of generous feelings will inspire us to move on.

So this New Moon may not be as dreamy as it seems at first glance. It has a quality of testing the truth within us and strengthening our conviction. 

This Piscean lunation does not bring the “dream” into reality.

What it does is that it plants a seed of faith in our hearts and along with this faith it requires our patience.

It sets in motion a healing process and makes us strong.

This is the gift of this Pisces New Moon and it is a practical gift, in the sense that it starts a cycle of renewed faith, that will accompany us during the difficult period that the next Full Moon in Libra brings.




Find out where the New Moon falls in your chart

and embrace its promise for renewal.


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