FULL MOON IN TAURUS OCTOBER 2018: Unsettled Stability

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The Full Moon takes place at 01°13’ of the Sign of Taurus. It mainly affects Taurus and Scorpio persons and also Leo and Aquarius persons which are born in the first days of their Sign, as well as those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 0° -3° degrees of the Fixed Cross.

The proximity of the Full Moon to the last degrees of the Cardinal Cross affects also Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn persons that are born in the last 2 days of their Sign, or those hose having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 28°-29° degrees of the Cardinal Cross.


A difficult Full Moon in Taurus is taking place on October 24th.

A Full Moon is a point of culmination. It usually marks a time when processes or events that have begun two weeks before with the New Moon are now reaching their climax.

That is why under the Full Moon we are usually charged with tension. We now either successfully conclude what has started then, or we clearly see what is lacking, what needs to be corrected, and we are called to re-adjust our actions or our attitude.


A Full Moon in Taurus

When the Full Moon is taking place in the Sign of Taurus, the tension felt is the result of the contrast between our need to feel emotionally safe in practical and simple terms, while at the same we want to change, we want deep emotional stimulation and are drawn to complexity of emotions.

It can also mean that circumstances may indeed be transforming, stirring inside us feelings of insecurity and the need to be grounded again, the need to hold on to something dear that gives a sense or a pretext of simple security.

This second case is somewhat closer to the energy of the Full Moon in Taurus that takes place on the night of the 24th of October and that brings high tension in the way we relate.


The Pent-up Emotions

FULL MOON IN TAURUS OCTOBER 2018If we examine the chart of this Full Moon in Taurus the first thing that strikes us is the Grand Cross formed in the Fixed Signs.

The Nodal Axis in the Leo – Aquarius is forming tight squares with the Sun and Venus conjunction in Scorpio and with the Moon and Uranus conjunction in Taurus. It is as if this Full Moon is a pivotal point, a crossroads where stacked up energy has reached its maximum point and the pressure has to be released.

The imbalance represented by the Full Moon’s axis, the Sun and Venus opposing Moon and Uranus, is presenting a crisis necessary for our self-development.

There is a karmic and evolutionary lesson that can be found here if we are able to integrate this Full Moon’s opposition constructively.

It seems that it is easy for us to be absorbed in an egotistical expression of ourselves (North Node in Leo), that has its roots in an adolescent and irresponsible sense of individualism (South Node in Aquarius), and which is now challenging our relationships.

Or to be more precise, regardless of whether we are in a relationship or we are single, this Grand Cross challenges our very sense of self-worth and emotional security as denoted by the Full Moon axis in Taurus – Scorpio.

What we are called to do, and which is difficult, is to instead turn the picture upside down.

We have to use the energy of the Nodal Axis the opposite way. Begin our approach with the co-operative and dispassionate spirit of Aquarius and then moving on towards expressing our selves with the warmth, creativity, and love, traits that Leo displays when at its best.

This approach will help to a constructive expression of the Full Moon opposition in a beneficial way, but it is indeed very difficult for us to adopt it because the Grand Square is in Fixed Signs, denoting stubbornness and difficulty to let go of our pent-up emotions.


The Disruptive Challenge for Relations

This Full Moon’s tension is not only the polarity of the Sun and Moon in the Taurus – Leo Axis.

It is a tension that is highly amplified by Planet Uranus that is in a conjunction with the Moon. Retrograde and at the same time on the powerful 0° of Taurus, Uranus creates emotions highly strung with octanes of nervousness. We need to be free and to express our emotions, out in the open, regardless of norm or convention.

In addition to this, Uranus is not only conjunct the Moon, but simultaneously is in an opposition aspect to the Sun and to planet Venus in Scorpio.

Its opposition with the Sun in Scorpio brings rebelliousness, independence and a need to break away from manipulating and complex-ridden relationships.

Uranus conjunct with the exalted Moon in the sensual Taurus, is in opposition with the sexually charged Venus that moves retrograde in Scorpio. This is a combination of energies that make us to more prefer satisfying our hedonistic needs than to relate deeply, sharing emotional connection.

So, either more freedom is what we need, or we are full of enthusiasm for new flirts, or a sudden new romance appears.

Whatever the case, our erotic life is shaken and is very likely to change under this combination of aspects.


The Triggering of the Next Eclipse

Whatever Uranus’ participation in the Full Moon may bring in the following weeks, it will be something possible to be repeated or to be concluded with the Total Lunar Eclipse on January 21, 2019.

The eclipse takes place on 0°52’ of Leo, and Uranus in this Full Moon chart, is tightly squaring its degree, activating and triggering events or situations that will again concern us near the time of the eclipse.


Unsettling of Stability

The circumstances under this Full Moon in Taurus are unsettling to our stability and serenity.

This is a Full Moon that has the potential to deeply affect relationships or how we relate. It is charged with highly – strung emotions, brings the need for freedom and for expression of our individuality.

The only stabilizing factors in the chart of this Full Moon in Taurus, is that Saturn is making a trine aspect to the Moon and Uranus as well as a sextile to Venus. These aspects somehow ground the disruptive energy and work beneficially for relations that otherwise could very easily break under the stress of this Full Moon.

Emotions, though tense, can be patient, mature and we may manage the sudden in a responsible manner.


However, high tension remains in the air.

  • We have to be careful because this Full Moon in Taurus may be the beginning of a crisis that will lead to break ups and splits, a crisis that may re-appear in end January 2019 or a little afterwards.
  • Let us be prepared for sudden events that challenge what was up to now familiar, highlighting the need for re-establishing emotional security in our love lives.
  • We may try and use the grounding energy of the Saturn aspects to re-new relationships in a new basis.
  • We have to take care with money and investments for the next two weeks, as the possibility for high volatility and uncertainty in finances is high.

This is a difficult full moon that places us at the crossroads, and the thing is that it seems we won’t be able to choose easily or decisively on which path to take yet, but we’ll have to wait until later on.




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