FULL MOON IN TAURUS – OCTOBER 31, 2020: The Full Moon Chaos Of The Unholy Night

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The Full Moon takes place at 08°38’of the sign of Taurus. It strongly affects Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius Sings, who are born in the second half of the first decan, as well as those of you who have your personal planets or your Ascendant, or your Midheaven within the degrees 06°–10° of the Fixed Cross.


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The Full Moon Chaos Of The Unholy Night

By astrologer, Andrew Ifandis


A difficult Full Moon takes place in the sign of Taurus on October 31, 2020.

A Full Moon is a point of culmination. It usually marks a time when processes or events that have begun two weeks before with the New Moon are now reaching their climax.

This is why under the Full Moon we are usually charged with tension. Now either what started then is completed, or we clearly see what is lacking, what needs to be corrected, what is wrong. and we are called to re-adjust our actions or our attitude. Now we are called, in the light of the revelations brought by the Full Moon, to change our attitude, our actions or our own course.

With the full moon in Taurus on October 31st, the tension we feel arises from the contradiction between our need to be emotionally safe, in practical and simple terms, on the one hand …

… and from our strong desire to change and experience intense situations as we are attracted by the complex, or the dark, or the deep and rich emotional stimulation … on the other.

It is a tension that we ourselves cause, as we are attracted

by the dark call of the Night of Souls.

But the exact opposite may also be true.

Confusion and uncertainty come to the fore not because we ourselves want to undermine the security and confidence we already have, but because the circumstances are truly subversive and transformative, in a pivotal and cathartic 2020, where everything that is happening is stirs feelings of reaction and insecurity.

Insecurity from the impending change that we feel is approaching.

So, our need for security is great. We need to hold fast to something dear, something that gives us the pretext of the security we so desperately need, and so we try to resist the shocks of change.

The intensity of this Full Moon is greatly enhanced by the planet Uranus which is almost in a precise conjunction to the Full Moon.

Uranus in conjunction to the Moon and in contrast to the Sun, brings changes, unexpected events, emotional turmoil, upset and sudden realizations that make us change the way we see things. It makes us reactionary, revolutionary and groundbreaking.

Retrograde, it makes us wonder what our truth is, and it completely redefines our concept of freedom but also what is the security that we so desperately need to feel on a deeper emotional level.

As a result, it brings everything upside down.

Possible manifestations of this Full Moon in Taurus are:

  •   We want changes that will bring us security and we know that in order to attain this we must first accept the dark parts of ourselves and overcome them.
  •   Sudden events or news disturb our tranquility.
  •   We realize our feelings in a kind of revelation, and we really grasp how true, intense and deep they are.
  •   We want to feel free and express our feelings abruptly, regardless of rules and conventions.
  •   We become reactive as our desires for more intimacy and emotional union in our relationships are not met.

Emotionally and erotically, this Full Moon intensifies a feeling of inadequacy and devaluation by others. A feeling that hurts us, but also that makes us think maybe it’s time to finally end relationships and situations that do not help us, instead of trying to reconcile the incompatible.

This Full Moon may also bring unexpected events that challenges what was familiar until now, emphasizing the need to restore emotional security in our love life.


This Full Moon shakes us and shocks us, and yes it does this because it aims to wake us up to see clearly what we are looking for.

With the uncertainty it causes and the tension it brings, it may disrupt our stability and calmness, but it does so because its purpose is to profoundly affect relationships and the way we connect.

You see, this Full Moon takes place a night that has something special in the air. A night that, according to tradition, the veil between the material world of senses and the intangible world of spirits and ghosts, becomes thinner.

The Taurus-Scorpio axis that the Full Moon takes place is akin to the “Trick or Treat” of this night, which is a threat of one person doing something that scares you on a psychological level (Scorpio), if you do not give him a treat with sweets or money, to cover him in material terms (Taurus).

And so this Full Moon and Uranus come to remind us that relationships are not material goods or the sense of security that material goods simply cover, and they are also not an insatiable and incessant sentimental vampirism, full of tensions, that all it does is create obsessions and psychological dependencies.

The only real connection is “In Soul and Body”. Consciously and unconsciously. Connection true in the expression of our individuality and with real freedom that arises from the osmosis and deep bonding, as the soul and the body become one.

This is how relationships should be.

And if they are not… then this Full Moon, that also has something special in the air, comes to shake us.

It comes to throw over, any relationships that are not essential and to chase away the vampires and ghosts of this unholy night…

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