FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS – 29 MAY 2018: Starry Night

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Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon takes place at 08°and 10’ of the Sign of Sagittarius. It strongly affects Sagittarius and Gemini Signs and also Virgo and Pisces Signs which are born in the first decan, as well as those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 06° -10° degrees of the Mutable Cross.

Especially with this particular Full Moon, the Grand Trine between Venus, Jupiter and Neptune affects those who have planets or horoscope points, between 10°-18° of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.


An adventurous Full Moon is taking place on 29th of May, a moon that is infusing us with positive energy.

At last, after a period of intense moons that have set critical milestones and have marked developmental changes for many of us, now the sky is clear again.

We can now once more stand under the moonlight, feel the night breeze and marvel at the awesome display above our head. We can breathe deep, inhale the fresh air in the stillness of the night, as the twinkling stars above entice us again in faraway journeys.

The positive energy of this Full Moon is a calling to the most expanding part of our psyche. The part that likes to explore and discover, a calling to a childish urge that says, “run, jump the fence, go down this road, find where it leads you!”.

This is the nature of the Sagittarius, the Sign where the Moon is placed in this Full Moon. Excitement for what’s new.

The exciting feeling of this Full Moon in Sagittarius comes naturally and is the long-awaited release of the tension felt during the previous month.

This Full Moon is a positive culmination

that brings fulfilling emotions.

It is not unusual when the Full Moon occurs in the jovial and expansive Sign of Sagittarius, to have a positive energy but with this particular Full Moon there are some factors that amplify its positive effect.

The Sun and the Moon polarity, that happens when we have a Full Moon, usually brings overwhelming emotions or tension. This is not the case with this Full Moon, because it is a polarity aided by the aspects that the two Luminaries make with planet Mars in Aquarius.

The Sun in Gemini is in a trine aspect to Mars, and the Moon is in a sextile aspect with the red planet. These simultaneous harmonious aspects ease the sentimental tension and present an outlet for it, through action.

We feel energetic and invigorated, confident and bold, we are driven by being unique and letting the world know how we feel.

There is no conflict between our need for a personal vision and knowing our  very facts. We have examined the facts, we have made the moves, and we have shifted our stance. Now we may begin forming a new vision or to start making an already held vision, a reality. With this Full Moon we know where we stand and we know that we are ready to move on.

This Full Moon set us on a journey to find our inner truth

and to have the courage to express it.

There are no other major aspects made by the two Lights.

Just this Wedge Pattern that denotes, reforming action (Mars in Aquarius), invoked by true feelings (Mars in Aquarius sextile Moon in Sagittarius), that ease the confident expression of our desires (Mars in Aquarius trine Sun in Gemini).

Yes, we stand under the stars and we savor the night air, we comprehend the big picture, and feeling ready to jump on the first train to the next thrill.

It’s such an energizing Full Moon!


The second reason for the fulfilling energy that this Full Moon is having is the Grand Trine between Jupiter, Neptune and Venus.

This marvelous Grand Trine in the Water Signs emphasizes our most positive emotional qualities.

Jupiter trine Neptune brings vision, dreams, ethical belief, compassion and spiritual awareness. This qualities are compatible with the need for a true vision that the Moon in Sagittarius expresses and since Jupiter rules the Moon, we are all the more easily attuned to such feelings.

Jupiter trine Venus attracts good fortune, brings joy and pleasure, good-natured feelings, appreciation for love and art, and socializing. In this positive mood our excitement is easily aroused.

Neptune trine Venus is the love for the ideal, the idealization of love, the daydream fantasy of spiritual realms. It is through this extremely sensitive and inspiring mindset that our senses tingle, we fill optimistic and ready to embark on a new adventure.

This full moon is an urge to travel outwards… 

but in reality is a journey towards the within.


It is a powerful time for emotional release and for opening ourselves to new possibilities.

This is the time to ask ourselves some important questions and have the big vision to find the answers that can make real changes.




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