TAURUS NEW MOON – 15 MAY 2018: Shake at the Foundations

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May 2018 New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon takes place in 24°and 36’ of the Earth Sign of Taurus. It strongly affects Taurus and Scorpio Signs and also Aquarius and Leo Signs which are born in the third decan, as well as those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 22° -26° degrees of the Fixed Cross.

Especially with this particular New Moon, the square aspect between Mars and Uranus affects those who have planets or horoscope points at 29° of Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) or 0° of the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpions, Aquarius).


A very original New Moon is taking place in the Sign of Taurus on May 15th.

The astrological symbolism of the New Moon has to do with the start of a new cycle that begins as two different principles, that of our conscious will (symbolized by the Sun), and that of our unconscious drives (symbolized by the Moon), meet together.

This merging of the two principles marks the perfect time to begin things as the one will drive the other.

When the New Moon happens in the Sign of Taurus the time is ideal for growing on a solid foundation, for planting the seed for the future, for firmly setting out building your security. For example enterprising endeavors are favored when the New Moon is in Taurus.

The Sign is grounded. Firm and stolid in its calmness.

Taurus. Calm, peace and harmony right?  Very nice, very nice, very nice…

…but NOT with this New Moon.


This is the most atypical Taurus New Moon that we shall encounter for a long, long time.



The chart of this New Moon in Taurus is very similar to the chart of an astrological event of great importance that happens less than four hours after this lunation. If you look at the chart you can observe that Uranus is at 29°59’, upon the very last minute of the very last degree of the Sign of Aries.

This New Moon coincides with the entrance of Uranus, the planet of change and de-stabilization into the Sign of Taurus.

How fitting the new moon symbolism now becomes. A new period of Uranus in Taurus begins as this New Moon happens.

So, there goes the stability of this New Moon…


Uranus is not only with one foot inside the Taurean territory, but also it receives a very tight square from Mars placed at 29°43’ of the Sign of Capricorn.

The exact of this aspect happens the next day after the new moon, with the two planets changing Signs simultaneously, and forming the square from 00°02′ degrees of Taurus & Aquarius.

This is first of the three successive square aspects that the two planets will be forming, with the second one culminating on August the 2nd and the third on September the 19th.

How fitting is the new moon symbolism again. A cycle of three squares between Mars and Uranus, in Aquarius – Taurus respectively, begins as this New Moon happens.

This electrifying square is associated with instability, impulsiveness, rushed excitement, reckless action, sudden jolted reactions, revolutionary drive, assertion that shocks, boldness and impatience, bursts of anger, accident proneness, tension and ego drive.

So, there goes the calmness of this New Moon…


One more entrance.

Mars enters Aquarius a few hours after this New Moon. From Aquarius, a Sign ruled by Uranus, and at the same time in a square aspect with Uranus, Mars brings once more the Uranian – Aquarian motif into the earth Sign of Taurus.

So, there goes the firm ground of this New Moon….


The chart of the New Moon has six planets in earth Signs but the energy that Uranus brings is intense. The square with Mars is tight, the degrees are critical, the Uranian motif is repeated.

This New Moon is not about planting seeds and waiting patiently for them to grow.

It is not about building security.

The May 2018 New Moon in Taurus is about us

 beginning to prepare for the upcoming changes.

It is a trailer of what is to come as the cycle of eclipses in the Leo – Aquarius axis is approaching.

It is the pre-seismic activity before the foundational shake.

The balance has shifted, a new paradigm shift is forming in the following months and this New Moon in Taurus is the introductory chapter of the “Manual of Change”.

Some of the questions that this New Moon in Taurus poses are:

  • How can we maintain inner peace within a de-stabilizing period?
  • How can we build and enhance on our material resources while the very landscape is changing?
  • How we can align needs and will, in an ingenious and innovative approach that does not undermine what we have up to now held as familiar giving us a sense of security?
  • How to tap on creativity, emotional stamina and stay focused with will power towards our goals -all traits of the chart of this New Moon but shadowed by the intensity of the Uranus and Mars energy?

The characteristics of the Taurus Sign hold the answers to these and other similar questions that may arise:

  • Amidst the Uranian shakes, we try to remain calm in our center, open and ready to embrace change.
  • We try to remain a placid Taurus and to not act with the impulsiveness of the Mars – Uranus square.
  • We sense the electrifying vibes and absorb the surge of energy with laid back detachment.
  • We understand that the new security is to dare to deconstruct the familiar and then rebuilt it in a new form.

Such is the nature of the processes that this New Moon sets forth for us. And if they may sound vague, abstract or too difficult to attain, please have in mind that,

…what was once a shocking modernity, it is today’s classic art.




Find out where the New Moon falls in your chart and heed its lessons.



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