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The New Moon takes place at 15°07’ of the Sign of Sagittarius. It mainly affects Sagittarius and Gemini persons and also Virgo and Pisces persons which are born in the second decan, as well as those having personal planets, points or their Ascendant, near the 13° – 17° degrees of the Mutable Cross.


A grandiose and illusive New Moon takes place on December the 7th in the Sign of Sagittarius.

Every New Moon marks a beginning. It is the proper period to start something or to plant the seeds of the new.

It is the perfect time to set our goals and aspirations. To filter them through the prism of the Zodiac Sign in which the New Moon is taking place, and to apply them to the area of our life that the House which the New Moon activates represents in our natal chart.

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When the New Moon occurs in the enthusiastic and expansive Sagittarius Sign, it usually brings a renewal in spirits and a widening of our perception. It is a moon that fills us with optimism and makes us turn to the future, helping us to grasp the big picture.


This New Moon on December 7th is a mixture of exuberance and sparkling allure.

It has at its core the deceptive combined with the lavishly grandiose.

It looks like an invitation to attend the cosmopolitan party that takes place in the majestic mansion.

There, excitedly, we explore the garden and vast space. We talk to everyone, get to know each other and have fun. As the hours pass, the sweet drunkenness of the evening makes us all the more relaxed.

Our mood is tipsy, we attract glances and we vibe with sexual appeal. Within the haze of the drunken hour,  we do not understand that what we are seeing around us is not what it seems, and that the persons we get acquainted with, lead a life of exaggeration. They are here just seeking the experience for the sake of experience, in an effort to fill in their inner void or their vanity.

It is on the next day and without remembering exactly what happened during last night, that with a hangover we are trying to reassemble our thoughts and recollect.

“I’ve been drunk for about a week, and I thought sitting in the library would make me again sober.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Great Gatsby”

What I wrote in the previous lines conveys in a characteristic manner the essence of this New Moon in Sagittarius. A moon in which Neptune’s participation is very intense.

The energy of this New Moon is expressed from three different poles.

a. Excitement and Exaggeration.

The New Moon takes place in the Sign of Sagittarius. This by itself is adequate enough to fill us with optimism, spontaneity, craving for travel and having new experiences, but is also capable to give recklessness or lack of moderation. All traits of the enthusiastic Sagittarius.

Jupiter is also in the sign of Sagittarius and in a conjunction aspect to the New Moon. The aspect may be separating and at a not close distance of  8° 44’ , but nevertheless it manages to color the New Moon, all the more, since Jupiter is also the planet ruling this lunation.

Cheerfulness, enthusiasm, cosmopolitan flair, desiring to go out and have fun, all in a buoyant, boisterous mood and allegro hype.

The reason I emphasize that all this will be felt with enough exaggeration, is that planet Jupiter, dignified in the Sign it rules, does not channel its energy anywhere else, but only towards the two Lights. The lights themselves are only making hard, square and sesquisquare aspects and as a result the Jovian energy is expressed in its less positive.

b. Seductive Intoxication

Mars and Neptune are in close conjunction in the Sign of Pisces.

On its own, this is an aspect that combines mystery with Zen inertia. It expresses artistically, gives ambivalent sexuality or a unisex sex appeal. It is an aspect of a dreamy masculinity that entails fraudulent actions.

This Mars – Neptune conjuction is like a seducing smile.


Mars and Neptune are at the same time at square aspects to the New Moon.

Here we don’t have planet Mars alone, which makes a square with the Sun and the Moon, and so creating tension, agitation, irritation or aggression. We have a Mars that having adopted the Zen of Pisces, is becoming seductively mysterious under the influence of Neptune.

So…place the energy of Mars-Neptune upon the cosmopolitan mood and excitement that I have described before, and the party begins!

Into the mix there is also Neptune square to the Sun, an aspect that gives idealism, quixotic pursuits and an altered sense of ego.

There is also the square of Neptune to the Moon, which brings non-rational reactions, emotional sensitivity and an escapist idiosyncrasy.

So…the party goes on, in mood of inebriation. We will seduce and we will be seduced. Just, let us be careful not to feel intense disappointment, when the next morning comes.

3. Independence and expenses

Uranus in opposition to Venus has already brought the element of independence in what we like and in how we relate.

It is an opposition that has been in action since last September. The aspect was exact once more, while Venus was retrograde within Scorpio, and it was repeated for the third time, with Venus being direct, a few days before this New Moon.

So… for those relationships that have survived the test of the previous period, caution is now needed, because the New Moon gives in to relaxation, diffusion and an appetite for romantic adventures, which when combined with the Venus opposition Uranus aspect, may easily cause relationship cracks.

This is an opposition that can also bring sudden expenses or even surprises and excitement in our love life, in the case we are single. But any new contacts will not be having long-term prospects.

It is an opposition, which in my opinion plays an important role in the chart of this New Moon, since Uranus is placed at the same degree with the Moon’s Nodes, and at the same degree with planet Mercury that is ready to go direct in the Sign of Sagittarius.

Uranus in square to the Nodes, and Mercury in a trine-sextile aspect to them, just as it comes out of its retrograde motion, is a combination of aspects that reminds us suddenly that we must accept the changes with an open mind. We are coming out of the revision process of the previous days, and though the headache lingers a little more, we will soon be able to make sober decisions, looking towards the future.

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The New Moon in Sagittarius on December the 7th is ideal to renew us and make us relax. It seems to be a moon that favors light-hearted fun and escaping by traveling or by reading a good book.

But it is also a moon that calls for our attention to some matters, depending on the house which it activates in our astrological map.

  • It is a New Moon that does not favor new beginnings or plans that need practical and solid foundations.
  • It is a New Moon in which we must be careful not to act with over-enthusiasm and excessive optimism since we find it difficult to realistically assess the situations.
  • Finally, it would be advisable, that we take care to not overdo it with drinking and revelry, be on alert for deceptive loves, viroses and abuses, because all these may easily result in fatigue and emotional exhaustion.


That’s why the following sentence from the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, comes to my mind, as it perfectly sums up the energy of this New Moon.

“I’ve been drunk for about a week, and I thought sitting in the library would make me again sober.”

Gatsby did not manage to make it sober.

We can.


I wish you all to have a fantastic New Moon.


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